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Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 Panini Crown Royale Football - Sponsored by Panini

Man when I opened the box from Panini and saw 3 boxes in there I was stoked. I was diggin on the Die Cut Rookies when Tracy Hackler posted them on the Panini blog and now I had the chance to pull one. These run $80 or so a box and look for me to bust a box for Shane in the next few days. The configuration on these is 4 packs 5 cards with a hit per pack. My view of the configuration overall is a little mixed

Base Cards: I like the base cards. Yes I have heard the criticism that they look like bicycles or whatever. Yes these cards are different but I like different. These are a hold over from the Pacific days. I remember walking into the comic card store in Clarksburg WV and seeing these at $8 or $10 a pack and just scoffing. Some dude was busting them like mad. Anyway, these are available in Basketball, Football and Hockey. I could see myself building the set of these. Note the blue top, this is a parallel and I got one in the entire box.

Inserts: I hate these inserts for the most part. They aren't needed, they feel cheap, and basically I would rather have a couple more base cards per pack than the inserts. The only one I like is the All Pro only because there is a theme to them that I can identify with and isn't just made up for the heck of it.
The inserts would be fine if they were autod thought.

The hits:
Ray Lewis is a big star but this card has filler written all over it. I would rather the box have 3 packs with 2 autos and either 1 additional auto, jersey auto, patch, jersey or jumbo jersey rather than two plain jerseys to get the hit count.
I am ok with this plain jersey and here's why. It has a true theme, All Pro. Again, its not made up for the sake of making something up.

The Autos: You get 2 autos per box. First up Jahvid Best. Awesome...except the sticker.

RPS Rookie Die Cuts Signature Materials Demaryius Thomas /50

3 out of 5 Joes recommend this product at $80, 4 out of 5 Joes recommend this product at $60 and 5 out of 5 Joes think the inserts gotta go and want more base cards.


John Bateman said...

While the base cards look great the hits are not worth 80 bucks

Colbey (flywheels) said...

That insert of Jimmy Clausen is absolutely horrid and I can't believe I'm asking, but is it available for trade or purchase?

BA Benny said...

I like the look of this set. I have grabbed a few of the older Pacific offerings from the Vend-O-Pack machime and think they are fun. Any of these up for trade, I can use Saints, Jets, and Giants.

beardy said...

That Thomas should be really nice looking. Do you know what the deal is with those cards? Are they all patches? Just some of them? I ask because I've seen both varieties.