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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Impressive Panini, impressive

It takes a lot to impress me.  My two main issues with Panini has been crappy hits to make hit count and sticker autos.  Especially in National treasure, stickers are not acceptable.  Well this is what Panini has done with NT this year:

The SRP for National Treasures is $400 per pack; the release date is early March.

These are all on card and appear to be post draft, workout head shots.  The autos are all on card.  That is a monumental effort by panini.  Plus you know the card was actually handled by all the players that signed the card.


PhaLe28 said...

son of a b______, those are impressive.

dodgerbobble said...

I agree, those are pretty damn nice. It makes the $400 price tag a little easier to swallow.