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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where I have been this week

Big Sky, MT

2006 ultimate baseball break is full - pay it up

Paypal to stusigpi@hotmail.com

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Big One down

I dreaded this one:

$12 shipped.  1/3 of the cost of a box and you have a 1 in 600 boxes or so chance of hitting it.

OT - Joe Collector the Philanthropist

It's going to be Legen...wait for it. So I'm at choppers in big sky tossin back beers, eating a burger and watching eagles/vikes. I see a guy, a 5.5-6, chatting up a girl that is a 6-7 depending on what time it is. Yeah I did.

Anyway, I see her drink is empty and he is out of things to say. Plus she is towing a bitchy anchor that wants to leave. I flag down the waitress and told her to get her a drink and say it's from him. The girls refuse and get ready to leave. Bartender comes over and says it's a no go so I tell him to give them all a round. The bitchy girl finally agrees but the guy gets up and heads to the bathroom. I go in after him, two other guys are in there. I tell him what I did, tell him to get back out there. He says thank you. I head back out. Bartender gives me the nod as does our attractive waitress. Old guy that was in the bathroom walks by with a smile and a nod. I go to leave... bartender smiles and gives me the head shaking yes. Both guy and girl watch me as I leave...she smiles, he nods. Mission accomplished. Btw bartender charged me 6 bucks for 3 top shelf drinks....dary. True Story

Monday, December 27, 2010

Iamjoecollector ebay win, Seller Fail

Not the guy that I got this card from, but the other sellers. I won this for $5 shipped.

but this guy and this guy....Oy!

Coincidently I offered them $5 plus shipping quite some time ago.  Note they have both been listed for some time and have both been relisted to reset the clock.  Morons.  I don't claim to be an absolute expert on how much cards are worth but I am usually pretty damn close.

5 Slots 2006 Ultimate Baseball 12 slots Upper Deck Black Football

Here is what I was thinking. 20 slots $34.25 a slot with $2 per additional slot discount. I would do this case live on ustream, with random done just before I break live on ustream.

1. Shane
2. Sixty Feet
3. Alex
4.Red Bird
6.Red Bird
11. Derek
12. Dan Rauer
15. Red Bird

2009 Upper Deck Black Football Case Break.
Here is the deal with this. There are 20 guaranteed hits and 20 basecards. But some of the base flag cards are autod. This would be a draft break. I would randomize the list and post the video on Youtube. Here is the kicker. The person that is number 1 on the first list gets first pick of any of the traditional hits. You can trade slots if you like. I then invert the list and the person that is 20th in the hit pick gets to pick first on the flag base. Any auto flag card would be considered a flag base. So most likely the person that ends up 20th in the hit pick list will get a flag auto.
Make sense?
Slots are $48.25 with $3 discount per additional slot.

1. Shane
2.Red Bird
3. Swansy
4.Red Bird

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Christmas Set

Here it is:

Some Christmas Joy

I was doing some sorting. Merry Christmas Everyone. Thanks for reading. I think that one thing that many of you that read our blogs don't understand is how much me enjoy and appreciate your comments and interactions with us. So have a Merry Christmas. And yes...I have a masterpieces problem.

These parallels are just the doubles.

These are /10 BTW - No I am not going for the set.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Topps Gypsy Queen - Potential?

I'm skeptical, but man this is a fine looking auto.

Too bad this auto isn't on card

As long as its not 1 junk auto and 1 plain white junk swatch per box msrp $70 Topps should be fine.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Forgotten Dubiously Graded Cards

I bought these for like a $1.50 each. The cheesy bad grading. Some are correct and actually the shaq might be a true 9-10. Although in all fairness this company didn't quite give these cards Strasburgian centering leeway. Anyway, I got these long ago still not bad cards to have and the condition is pretty good regardless:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recent Rare DeSean Jackson Auto Pickup

/10---------On Card----------and 1 in 83 or so cases

Cost me $37 or the price of a cheap box

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Forgotten Hits and a New Set Collecting Goal

Don't forget the group breaks... 5 spots left in 2006 Ultimate Baseball slot break and 12 in the UD Black football slot break. Find them here.

As many of you know, my passion for collecting Masterpieces has consumed my collecting life for the last year and a half. I am still a #46 Joe Montana Blue /150 short of the blue set, a #34 Franco Harris Brown /99 and a #42 Jamaal Charles /99 Brown short of the brown /99 set, and a #80 Tim Lincecum /100 a #98 Johnny Bench brown /100 and a #102 Nolan Ryan /100 Brown short of the Brown Baseball set. So close, yet so far away. A guy has a Jamaal Charles /99 on Ebay but wants $9 plus shipping for the card. I thought about hitting the BIN, but as soon as I do one will show up at .99 and go for $4 shipped

Before I unveil my new collecting goal, here is a forgotten hit I pulled a year ago:
No comment needed

And now here it is:
These are the Chicle Mini autos from 2009 Philadelphia Football.

Here is the checklist:
2009 NC52 Brian Westbrook 20 Eagles
2009 NC56 Drew Brees 9 Saints
2009 NC57 Frank Gore 21 49ers
2009 NC60 LaDainian Tomlinson 21 Chargers
2009 NC64 Kurt Warner 13 Cardinals
2009 NC66 Tony Romo 9 Cowboys
2009 NC68 Adrian Peterson (2007) 5 Vikings
2009 NC70 Ben Roethlisberger 7 Steelers
2009 NC71 Clinton Portis 26 Redskins
2009 NC72 Eli Manning 10 Giants
2009 NC75 Peyton Manning 18 Colts
2009 NC76 Matthew Stafford 100 Bulldogs
2009 NC77 Nate Davis 100 Cardinals
2009 NC78 Brian Orakpo 100 Longhorns
2009 NC79 Michael Crabtree 100 Red Raiders
2009 NC80 Jeremy Maclin 100 Tigers
2009 NC81 Aaron Curry 100 Demon Deacons
2009 NC82 Rey Maualuga 100 Trojans
2009 NC83 James Laurinaitis 100 Buckeyes
2009 NC84 Chris Wells 100 Buckeyes
2009 NC85 Brandon Pettigrew 100 Cowboys
2009 NC86 Percy Harvin 100 Gators
2009 NC87 LeSean McCoy 100 Panthers
2009 NC88 Darrius Heyward-Bey 100 Terrapins
2009 NC90 Brian Cushing 100 Trojans
2009 NC92 Donald Brown 100 Huskies
2009 NC93 Knowshon Moreno 100 Bulldogs
2009 NC94 Chase Coffman 100 Tigers
2009 NC95 Malcolm Jenkins 100 Buckeyes
2009 NC96 Vontae Davis 100 Fighting Illini
2009 NC97 Hakeem Nicks 100 Tar Heels
2009 NC98 Mark Sanchez 100 Trojans
2009 NC99 Andre Smith 100 Crimson Tide
2009 NC100 Michael Oher 100 Rebels

I am not collecting the vets, just the rookies. There are 23 of them and so far I have 13 with 2 more currently listed. I got started collecting these after doing the Philly Group Break. We pulled 4 Sanchez, Harvin, Curry and Rey Maualuga. Unfortunately I got the Curry so I started out with 1 of the lesser cards. I traded slots in future group breaks (Topps Chrome Football and Baseball) for the 3 and received them back in the mail a couple weeks later. There are plenty of these listed on ebay so they aren't hard to come by, but I am not going to pay $60 for a Knowshon Moreno or $100 for a Crabtree or god forbid $100 for Oher. Really dude? Projected time frame to finish is December of next year.

Many of you that have been following my blog have seen how my collecting habits have changed. I started out not busting wax, then I busted a ton of wax, then I started just buying singles again. I do like busting wax, but it is really really expensive to feed that habit. Additionally, I found that my collection was made up of a bunch of shit hits and very few cards I cared about. Hence my really big sale I had back in August and September. I ended up selling $1300 or so worth of cards taking a massive loss on the case busting. The only time case busting has any sort of value is when you want to collect a set and you want to knock out a large part of the set in one swoop. Then you can sell off the remaining and you end up breaking about even and cutting a bunch of time that it takes to build the set. Especially where SP's are concerned.

Here is your late december Card porn. Out of focus but really hot:

BTW there are 290 there, make that 292. Two came in the mail today. I am 1 card short of 2 sets, Ocho Cinco, and 4 cards short of a third set

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last call to win this panini Toby Gerhart /25

It's a damn nice card and its /25
Comment over at Iamjoecollector.com


BTW all but 1 giveaway has been sent out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Win this Panini Toby Gerhart Card

Obviously another "junk" hit from Panini.....whatever. It's a damn nice card and its /25
Comment over at Iamjoecollector.com


BTW all but 1 giveaway has been sent out.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A new way to sell cards Panini v. Topps 5-star

Interesting conversation on the Twitter today about Topps 5 Star and Panini and such. If you haven't seen them the 5-star look ridiculous, those are actual cards below.  Anyway, presell is about $400-$430 or so, that's a lot of cheeda. It caused me to think back to some posts a long time ago about companies selling certain cards from a set direct.  Eh, I don't like that, I still like the chase but it got me thinking.

Anyway, Panini Plates and Patches is no slouch and runs $130 ish presell.  Bad news is that P and P is Sticker auto, but its at a much lower price point obviously.

The cards look nice.  The problem with both sets is the inclusion of the scrub rookie autos.  As some of you know NFL and NFLPA requires a certain percentage of rookies in the set.  When you are kicking down this kind of cash, a Jonny Dwyer auto doesn't cut it.  Maybe that's what is wrong with cards????? It also should be noted that many rookies and veterans hate to sign and...and charge Pujolesion rates $200 a card for autos.

So I was thinking.  Lets mix price point with quality.  $180 gets you 4 or 5 cards.  1 Rookie Patch auto----1 patch or patch auto vet/retired  ------- 1 auto for $180 srp well plus a base card or two.  Basically $50 a card SRP at box rate.  Plus I don't mind getting a nice patch as a big time hit in a high srp product.  In other words, I would rather get a Howie Long Patch than a junk auto.  Here's the twist.  Much like Absolute the box is split into 3 packs but....Each pack is marked with what it has in it.  Not the player mind you but the type of card.  So pack 1 is the RPA, Pack 2 is the Vet/retired Patch or Patch auto and Pack 3 is an auto .  Then Each pack has a separate SRP to it.  The RPA is say $70, Pack 2 is $50 and Pack 3 is $60.  Don't fool yourself, dishonest shops know which pack is which in the Absolute boxes and why should you pay as much for a jersey card as you do for an auto in pack form?  Basically why are all the packs in Absolute priced the same? 

As applied:
Each hit would be a pack.

5 Star Every ($400) Pack Features An Identical On-Card Autograph And Relic 5-Card Insertion Rate :
    *1 Autographed Rookie Numbered to 150 or Less ($60)
    *1 Autographed Rookie Patch Numbered to 100 or Less ($90)
    *1 Autographed Veteran/Legend or Autographed Patch Numbered to 60 or Less ($100)
    *1 Autographed Relic Book or Dual Autograph Numbered to 40 or Less ($150)

Each hit would be a pack.
Plates and Patches - BOX BREAK ($130)
Eight cards per pack/box featuring
- One Autographed Prime Memorabilia Rookie Card ($50)
- Two Additional Autographs #'d to 999 or less ($30 each)
- One other Autograph or Memorabilia ($20) If it is marked as either a mem or auto, you know the risk
The following would be put in the 4 packs above randomly.
- Two Commons
- One Parallel
- One Insert
This way if I wanted to take a shot at an RPA I could, if I really wanted to gamble I could go $20 on pack 4, or just to see what auto I pull pack 2 or 3.

So what do you think?

P and P

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

To Ustream or not to Ustream

My case of UD Masterpieces Football will be here tomorrow. Anyone interested in watching it live on Ustream?

2010 Panini Gridiron Gear - Sponsored by Panini

Base Cards:
The Base Cards are much improved this year. Non foil board and the they are actual game shots that show part of the scene.

Parallels: The X in foil denotes parallel and these are numbered.

Inserts: Meh the Manning is /100

Rookie Orientation: Nice cards, Gronk is /100 other is /250

The Hits
Steven Jackson Patch /50 - I like the parallel patch action

Morgan Burnett /299 - Whom?

Toby Gerhart 10/25

Brandon LaFell Patch/auto 50/50, Nice card

These run  $85-$95 a box and my box was well worth the cash if I would have paid for it.  4 out of 5 joes buy this product at the $85-$90 and 5 out of 5 buy this at $75. The collation was good, condition was good out of the pack and the base rookies add a chase element to completing a set. Completion of the base set was not even a thought in years past.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Are you guys high?

So I have received a few comments today that the box break of Limited I did was actually a "tough break". Including one jackhole that said that I was kissing Panini's Ass because they send me free shit. That shit head was promptly banned from following me on Twitter for taking a shot at my integrity. That punk wouldn't dare say that to my face. Anyway, I have opened hundreds of boxes and spent 10's of thousands of dollars on cards so I think I speak from just a stitch of experience. Oh and I am known for always saying positive things about about Panini.

It leads me to the question: Are you guys high?

What part of pulling a 3 color jumbo patch /10 of the #1 pick QB that is having a good, if not great first season, is a "tough break?". Let's not forget the jumbo Randy Moss jersey and a Staubach jersey. How is any part of that a bad break. Are they no names? What the hell do you expect out of a box then? When did getting your money back out of a box become the absolute standard? BTW my favorite box I have opened up in the past 5 years is this one.

2010 Panini Limited Football - Sponsored by Panini

Killed this box

Once again supplied by Panini.

Panini Limited in my opinion is far superior to Absolute.  I'll let the cards speak for themselves:


2010 Panini Limited
Monikers Silver
Card#152 ( / 199)
Anthony Dixon

These run $75 a box and 5 out of 5 joes recommend this product. It is much better than absolute, condition was good out of the pack and the hits have a bunch of potential.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product information of 2006 Ultimate Baseball

Here is what's possible:
Ebay Auctions.
Each box will receive:

- One Rookie Signature numbered to 180 or less!
- One Triple, Quad, five, Six or Eight Signature card numbered to 50 or less or an Autographed dual memorabilia card numbered to 35 or less in each box!
- One Dual, Triple or Quadruple memorabilia card #’d to 50 or less per box!
- One Dual, Triple, or Quadruple game used patch card #’d to 50 or less per box!

* Look for rare dual autographed logo patch cards only 1 of each made!
* Look for Ultimate Bonus packs in every box with each pack containing a 1-of-1 printing plate from various 2006 UD products, or a Legendary Materials Card, or a Ken Griffey Jr. autographed buyback!
* Look for rare Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Upper Deck or Derek Jeter 1994 SP buyback autographs!


Base Set:

200-card Regular cards – Low foil numbering

90-card Ultimate Rookie Signatures numbered to 180

Game-Used and autographed cards combine to fall one per pack:

Ultimate Game Materials – #’d 50

Ultimate Game Materials parallel – #’d 30

Ultimate Numbers Materials – #’d 35

Ultimate Tandem Materials – #’d 25
Ultimate Ensemble Materials 3 – #’d 25

Ultimate Ensemble Materials 4 – #’d 20

Ultimate Maximum Materials – #’d 25

Ultimate Patch – #’d 50

Ultimate Patch parallel – #’d 25

Ultimate Numbers Patch – #’d 35

Ultimate Tandem Patch – #’d 35

Ultimate Ensemble Patch 3 – #’d 20

Ultimate Ensemble Patch 4 – #’d 15

Ultimate Maximum Patch – #’d 15

Ultimate Ensemble Signatures 3 – #’d 50

Ultimate Ensemble Signatures 3 parallel A – #’d 15

Ultimate Ensemble Signatures 3 parallel B – #’d 1

Ultimate Legendary Ensemble Signatures – #’d 25

Ultimate Tri-Star Signatures – #’d 15

Ultimate Ensemble Signatures 4 – #’d 25

Ultimate Ensemble Signatures 5 – #’d 15

Ultimate Ensemble Signatures 6 – #’d 10

Ultimate Ensemble Signatures 8 – #’d 1

Ultimate Game Materials Signatures – #’d 35

Ultimate Tandem Signature Materials – #’d 15

Ultimate Signature Patch – #’d 10

Ultimate Tandem Signature Patch – #’d 5
Ultimate Tandem Signature Logo Patch – #’d 1

Ultimate Bonus Pack: One-of-One plate card or Legendary Material Card or a Ken Griffey Jr. Autographed RC Buyback inserted one per box!

You won this Panini Carson Palmer Jersey Card

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 21
Result: 3

Dan From The Other World....You won.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Masterpieces Football case

It is on its way and will be here friday. I will be selling all of the autos, jerseys, base sets, time warps, painted rookies, and Black Framed cards. They will be posted on Ebay on Sunday.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Hidden Mess

Ugh. These look terrible. I have never liked the signed fabric cards.  Maybe topps had it right with Letterman and their signed stickers over the fabric. The autos tend to fade sweet spot style. Plus they look messy.

The Thomas doesn't look too bad.

I get what Panini is going for here, I just think its a waste of an auto.