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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Are you guys high?

So I have received a few comments today that the box break of Limited I did was actually a "tough break". Including one jackhole that said that I was kissing Panini's Ass because they send me free shit. That shit head was promptly banned from following me on Twitter for taking a shot at my integrity. That punk wouldn't dare say that to my face. Anyway, I have opened hundreds of boxes and spent 10's of thousands of dollars on cards so I think I speak from just a stitch of experience. Oh and I am known for always saying positive things about about Panini.

It leads me to the question: Are you guys high?

What part of pulling a 3 color jumbo patch /10 of the #1 pick QB that is having a good, if not great first season, is a "tough break?". Let's not forget the jumbo Randy Moss jersey and a Staubach jersey. How is any part of that a bad break. Are they no names? What the hell do you expect out of a box then? When did getting your money back out of a box become the absolute standard? BTW my favorite box I have opened up in the past 5 years is this one.


Scott said...

I have your back on this one. I would love to have that break.

PhaLe28 said...

I think you are fair with your reviews...man, i saw that tweet as soon as it was posted and your response thereafter. I would have missed it; if it weren't for my request to view your tweet a few minutes before that all happened.

Pop Startled said...

I wouldn't worry about criticism, since the internet is rife with doubters, speculators and slanderers. I think you're overacting a little bit...I think the majority of your readers are aware of your integrity.

Voluntarheel said...

I dont question your integrity. I question your choice of words. I think when people read/hear you 'Killed this box' they are expecting at least their money back if not more.

The break was good. Cool even. But you didn't 'kill it' by most standards. Just my sense of where the confusion resides.

Jeremy said...

FWIW I would have loved this box too. Two former OU guys Selmon and a Bradford patch not to mention the Staubach jersey. I wish the stuff I buy would be this good.