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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Forgotten Hits and a New Set Collecting Goal

Don't forget the group breaks... 5 spots left in 2006 Ultimate Baseball slot break and 12 in the UD Black football slot break. Find them here.

As many of you know, my passion for collecting Masterpieces has consumed my collecting life for the last year and a half. I am still a #46 Joe Montana Blue /150 short of the blue set, a #34 Franco Harris Brown /99 and a #42 Jamaal Charles /99 Brown short of the brown /99 set, and a #80 Tim Lincecum /100 a #98 Johnny Bench brown /100 and a #102 Nolan Ryan /100 Brown short of the Brown Baseball set. So close, yet so far away. A guy has a Jamaal Charles /99 on Ebay but wants $9 plus shipping for the card. I thought about hitting the BIN, but as soon as I do one will show up at .99 and go for $4 shipped

Before I unveil my new collecting goal, here is a forgotten hit I pulled a year ago:
No comment needed

And now here it is:
These are the Chicle Mini autos from 2009 Philadelphia Football.

Here is the checklist:
2009 NC52 Brian Westbrook 20 Eagles
2009 NC56 Drew Brees 9 Saints
2009 NC57 Frank Gore 21 49ers
2009 NC60 LaDainian Tomlinson 21 Chargers
2009 NC64 Kurt Warner 13 Cardinals
2009 NC66 Tony Romo 9 Cowboys
2009 NC68 Adrian Peterson (2007) 5 Vikings
2009 NC70 Ben Roethlisberger 7 Steelers
2009 NC71 Clinton Portis 26 Redskins
2009 NC72 Eli Manning 10 Giants
2009 NC75 Peyton Manning 18 Colts
2009 NC76 Matthew Stafford 100 Bulldogs
2009 NC77 Nate Davis 100 Cardinals
2009 NC78 Brian Orakpo 100 Longhorns
2009 NC79 Michael Crabtree 100 Red Raiders
2009 NC80 Jeremy Maclin 100 Tigers
2009 NC81 Aaron Curry 100 Demon Deacons
2009 NC82 Rey Maualuga 100 Trojans
2009 NC83 James Laurinaitis 100 Buckeyes
2009 NC84 Chris Wells 100 Buckeyes
2009 NC85 Brandon Pettigrew 100 Cowboys
2009 NC86 Percy Harvin 100 Gators
2009 NC87 LeSean McCoy 100 Panthers
2009 NC88 Darrius Heyward-Bey 100 Terrapins
2009 NC90 Brian Cushing 100 Trojans
2009 NC92 Donald Brown 100 Huskies
2009 NC93 Knowshon Moreno 100 Bulldogs
2009 NC94 Chase Coffman 100 Tigers
2009 NC95 Malcolm Jenkins 100 Buckeyes
2009 NC96 Vontae Davis 100 Fighting Illini
2009 NC97 Hakeem Nicks 100 Tar Heels
2009 NC98 Mark Sanchez 100 Trojans
2009 NC99 Andre Smith 100 Crimson Tide
2009 NC100 Michael Oher 100 Rebels

I am not collecting the vets, just the rookies. There are 23 of them and so far I have 13 with 2 more currently listed. I got started collecting these after doing the Philly Group Break. We pulled 4 Sanchez, Harvin, Curry and Rey Maualuga. Unfortunately I got the Curry so I started out with 1 of the lesser cards. I traded slots in future group breaks (Topps Chrome Football and Baseball) for the 3 and received them back in the mail a couple weeks later. There are plenty of these listed on ebay so they aren't hard to come by, but I am not going to pay $60 for a Knowshon Moreno or $100 for a Crabtree or god forbid $100 for Oher. Really dude? Projected time frame to finish is December of next year.

Many of you that have been following my blog have seen how my collecting habits have changed. I started out not busting wax, then I busted a ton of wax, then I started just buying singles again. I do like busting wax, but it is really really expensive to feed that habit. Additionally, I found that my collection was made up of a bunch of shit hits and very few cards I cared about. Hence my really big sale I had back in August and September. I ended up selling $1300 or so worth of cards taking a massive loss on the case busting. The only time case busting has any sort of value is when you want to collect a set and you want to knock out a large part of the set in one swoop. Then you can sell off the remaining and you end up breaking about even and cutting a bunch of time that it takes to build the set. Especially where SP's are concerned.

Here is your late december Card porn. Out of focus but really hot:

BTW there are 290 there, make that 292. Two came in the mail today. I am 1 card short of 2 sets, Ocho Cinco, and 4 cards short of a third set


Derek said...

Quick question. Have you shipped the chrome football break from a while back? I haven't received anything.


stusigpi said...

I shipped that a good month and a half ago, closer to two.

email me your address so I can double check.

stusigpi said...

Actually they were mailed around November 9th. Your name and address or on the sheet of labels I printed out, let me see if I can find the tracking number.

skoormit said...