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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Hidden Mess

Ugh. These look terrible. I have never liked the signed fabric cards.  Maybe topps had it right with Letterman and their signed stickers over the fabric. The autos tend to fade sweet spot style. Plus they look messy.

The Thomas doesn't look too bad.

I get what Panini is going for here, I just think its a waste of an auto.


Fuji said...

I don't mind autographs on fabric... but I agree these are a mess. One thing I really dislike are pull out autographs... they should have just had the players sign the fabrics in the provided windows. I don't have any of these, but if I did... I'd be sitting around figuring out how to display these.

cynicalbuddha said...

The pull outs are kinda neat I have one from a few years back but I thought the same thing, neat but kinda pointless. How do you display that. More over whats the point of the pull out card? I think it's probably one of the Gridiron Gear hit that could have gone away. And sticker autos over fabric is a terrible idea. I think Topps or Panini should hire me I have no problem telling them some of their ideas suck. However some the the Gears quad relics are pretty neat with jersey, ball, helmet, and gloves. Beats a piece of boring old bat. I think the biggest problem I have with GridIron Gear is that there's nothing new there, or anywhere in Panini's sets this year. All phoned in.