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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OT - Joe Collector the Philanthropist

It's going to be Legen...wait for it. So I'm at choppers in big sky tossin back beers, eating a burger and watching eagles/vikes. I see a guy, a 5.5-6, chatting up a girl that is a 6-7 depending on what time it is. Yeah I did.

Anyway, I see her drink is empty and he is out of things to say. Plus she is towing a bitchy anchor that wants to leave. I flag down the waitress and told her to get her a drink and say it's from him. The girls refuse and get ready to leave. Bartender comes over and says it's a no go so I tell him to give them all a round. The bitchy girl finally agrees but the guy gets up and heads to the bathroom. I go in after him, two other guys are in there. I tell him what I did, tell him to get back out there. He says thank you. I head back out. Bartender gives me the nod as does our attractive waitress. Old guy that was in the bathroom walks by with a smile and a nod. I go to leave... bartender smiles and gives me the head shaking yes. Both guy and girl watch me as I leave...she smiles, he nods. Mission accomplished. Btw bartender charged me 6 bucks for 3 top shelf drinks....dary. True Story


cynicalbuddha said...

Hand to God. You are a saint. Only good things coming your way this New Year.

Play at the Plate said...

Joe Cupid!