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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2006 Ultimate Case Break thoughts and trade

While busting the case I was very disappointed of not pulling a major hit, in retrospect my opinion has changed.

Some of you hate printing plates, personally I kind of like them. I don't really consider them to be 1/1's in the traditional sense, but they are cool especially when you get a player you collect. Beardy got a Brooks Robinson for Pete's sake.

The patches, with the exception of that Matt Cain were absolutely awesome. Logos, numbers and such really make those cards pop. The triple autos are ok but the checklist needs some work.

What really bugs me is the rookie auto checklist. Make no mistake, jersey and patch cards do not cost a ton to make and thus each one of those packs is a huge money maker. According to Topps, printing plates cost little or nothing to insert into a product so no real cost there. Back to the rookie auto checklist. Who the hell are these guys. The checklist is too big to be usefull to a collector as many of these guys will never see the pros for more than a cup of coffee, if that.

Baseball is a different sport for rookies than Football and Basketball and the rookie "class" concept just isn't there. What I am trying to say is that the auto checklist/pulls needs to be a whole lot stronger. I don't expect a Jeter/Griffey/Pujols in every box, but you have to bring that caliber in a case for sure.

In retrospect the case isn't that bad. Most people consider plates to be good pulls, those patches were case hit worthy, and the one triple auto and dual auto were pretty good. One thing to keep in mind is that even if we pulled a jeter auto, it really doesn't make a difference as to the quality of the case except to one participant.

Trade away if you like. Cards will be shipped Sunday night so you have until Saturday.


Motherscratcher said...

Scrolling through earier I didn't think it was a bad case (although it did lack Indians.) This is one of the few breaks you've done that I missed. I almost pulled the trigger multiple times but held back. You know, Christmas and all that. I was glad to see Beardy get that Brooks.

Also, congrats to your Ducks winning the National Championship. They'll just have to wait 2-3 more years to get their name on the trophy.

beardy said...

I made out like a friggin bandit in this break. A rookie auto of a 20 game winner, a dual patch, and a 1/1 plate of one of my favorite players.