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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Panini Century Collection - Sponsored by Panini

This was sent over by Panini.  You can get them for about $145 at Big T, $153 at Blowout and significantly more at DA Cardworld.


I like these baseball stamp cards.

This Sinatra/Kelly card is absolutely beautiful

Picture is a bit fuzzy on this Spahn.  I'm sure Panini could have found a better pic. But its Warren frickin Spahn!
Nice Senior Picture Gary -  This is a sweet sweet patch.  Good use of white space.


Ok, I only have a couple critiques about these cards.  I like Blue autos, these look like facsimile autos. The autos are stickers.  Having said that, this is one of the best most fun breaks I have ever done.  The cards are fantastic, high quality and just look nice.  This was so much fun to open and I was genuinely excited to see it in the box from Panini.  I had high expectations and this box delivered.

5 out of 5 Joes recommend this product.  Why would I give this a perfect score knowing how much I despise sticker autos?  The answer is simple, for the money this couldn't be a better break, this is a fresh idea by Panini, and I haven't had more fun opening packs. Is this a rip and flip product? Not at all.  I have no idea how much these cards would go for on ebay, but I could care less.

In comparison, Prime cuts is a decent break for $150 but even then, half the box is junk.  These days Prime Cuts is like $300 for some reason that I cannot figure out and I have busted 5 boxes of Prime Cuts.  I would pay $150 for these boxes and not regret it a bit.


beardy said...

That Issel card is pretty terrible. Either flip the damn stamp around, or design the whole card as portrait instead of landscape.

The Dimwit said...

I agree with Beardy, the Issel is a bit of an eyesore. That Gary Carter card and the Joe Morgan are very nice, despite the bat piece. Definitely would be interested in the Sinatra/Kelly card if you're trading/giving away! Thanks for the break!