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Saturday, January 29, 2011

2010 Panini Plates and Patches - Sponsored by Panini

Panini Sent this over and I opened it.  I was very excited to open this product, Lets See.

Base Cards:  Not a fan of these and they come in various parallels.  These look more like inserts than base cards.  I have a feeling they will grow on me.  The card stock and feel aren't quite as good as the certified products.

Inserts:  Matt Ryan, decent looking card for an insert.

 Jersey Card:  Reggie Wayne, not too shabby.  Listen, most likely a future HOFer and that's never a bad thing.

 Autos: I do like that these are essentially base parallels, but I only have one other thing to say about these.  Who?
 Encased card: Joe McKnight /699.  I really don't know what the gold patch is from and it is listed as "prime".  Help would be appreciated.  I am actually ok with this card.  At least he somewhat plays:

Conclusion: At $120 from blowout currently, this is a dealer's choice break.  The encased "patch" auto is a nice touch and I believe there are other options such as auto printing plates and such.  As far as break go, I was certainly excited to open it and I think the odds of pulling a nice hit is decent.  Even after opeing this box, I do find myself wanting to open another.  So with that in mind, 3.5 joes out of 5 recommend this product.  Why a half a joe?  He is likely to buy.  Here is the caveat, if you are a player collector just buy the singles, BUT if you are a well healed collector, you could buy 3-5 boxes and have decent odds of pulling hte case hit.

The Ustream video doesnt have any sound for some reason.  So try playing the videos at the same time to get two angles and sound.

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