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Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Panini Timeless Treasures Basketball - Sponsored by Panini

This is a tin that was sent to me by Panini.  You get 3 autos/memo per tin.  MSRP is $100 ish I think.  Let's get started. 

The Tin:  I like the tin.  It would be really cool if Panini did some auto tin version. I think there are 4 different tins to collect

The Base Cards:  Meh, I would like these better if Panini put these on 79 pt stock or something like that. They just seem like normal base and in a product that costs this much, that extra thick touch would really make a difference.
Westbrook is 12/25 and Rudy Gay is /399

The Hits
Jason Richardson 44/99 - Bleh, literally a $2 jersey card.

Glen Rice43/99 - I actually like this card.  Ive always thought the home/away combo makes for a collectible card. Too bad it is yet another $2 jersey card.....maybe.

The Auto:  Big Hit here:  John Wall /299 Auto.

Conclusion:  1 Joe out of 5 in his right mind would buy this product.  The other one is just looking for the thrill.  Now, having said that there are some excellent hits to be had but I can't recommend a product where you get 2 $2 jersey cards and I happen to get the one rookie auto that would pay for the tin. Even though I pulled a John Wall, I just can't recommend this product at $65 plus ship on ebay $75-$92 at major internet sites, especially when there are so many better Basketball products out there. I would rather go a box of National Treasures than a tin or two of Timeless  At $40 - $50 this is a good risk like Panini Hall of Fame, but you can take such a bath on it.  What say you?

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Offy said...

I still don't think that Panini had found the right balance of value for the cost on most of their products. They come in too high most of the time. They either need to include more real value in boxes (instead of $2 jersey cards and endless parallels) or drop the price.

the HOF set should have been one of the best sets of all-time given the content of the product, but Panini bungled it to the point where it still isn't selling all that well at half the MSRP because you get the same garbage over and over again.