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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Big One Down, Should we do one more? Ok Two Big Ones Down

I need 7, yes 7 Tim Lincecum Parallel rookies to complete my 07 sets. Well, today I got 1 of them for BIN $13 shipped. May seem like a lot but in the world of set collecting the odds of pulling one is ridiculous and costs way more than $13

Tim Lincecum Black /99 - Looks like a Serious Black
The second one is for the Brown 2008 set.  This is the second one I have seen and the first one went for $28.  There is another set collector and he would have gone $28 and who knows how long it would have taken for another to show up.  $25 shipped.  To give you and idea of how hard it is to pull one of these.  ok 5 browns per case, 120 cards in set 1:24 cases.

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