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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anyone want to split a case of Masterpieces Football

I've done this before and people seemed to dig it.

Basically it would work like this. I would keep all of the Serial numbered parallels, patches /50 and any red autos out of /10. Red autos are not a guaranteed case hit. You all would get all the black parallels, time warps, painted sp rookies, jerseys and black framed autos. I would bust the case on USTREAM live. Plus I will throw in an additional allotment of black framed parallels, so you will get 32 blacks instead of 16.

Just to reiterate:
I get:
48 serial numbered parallels
2 Red /50 Patches
Any red autos. Usueally 1 or none per case.

You get:
3-4 autos
7-8 jersey cards
32 Black Framed parallels
4 Time Warp SP's
8 Painted sp rookies
and a minimum 3 complete base sets most likely 4 as I have a bunch of base cards x 15

4 slots $90. Costs me $12 to ship btw.


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