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Friday, January 7, 2011

Follow up on You can get with this

Reader Kevin comments:
I guess I'm ignorant. Are you saying the card is a better buy or for more money you can buy boxes and possibly get that card plus other good ones?

This is a very interesting question. The answer is simple if you just want the star cards, buy the star cards, don't buy the box. You are wasting your money if you are busting wax to try and get a PSA 10 out of a cello box.

Many of you are building 70's and 80's sets. We all know you can buy the set for less than it costs to build, but that's not really the point is it? In this case you get 540 cards in a 36 ct 15 cards per pack box. At 10 cents a card that is $54, at .25 per card that is $162. The key is that you get nrmt cards whereas when you buy singles and commons, some of them are a bit rough.

What does all this mean? If I was going to build a set of 79 topps, I might actually buy a cello box, even at $400, bust it and build the set from there. Its a lot more fun than just buying it and you get minty cards, well except off center and such.

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halos17 said...

I just started to build a set of '82 Topps which was the first cards I ever bought when I was a kid.

I bought a vending box for $5.50 on ebay and a cello box from DA for $140. I figure I should get very close this way and I get the added fun of opening packs and all mint-y fresh! Just hoping the Ripken is in there somewhere.

I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for posting.