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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joy of a Completed Set - 2008 Masterpieces Football Blue /150

Yet another completed set. This one was a bit tougher to complete for some reason and had a pretty funny ending. I was down to 2 cards, Walter Payton and Joe Montana. Two Hofers. Sometimes the stars are harder to come buy and some are easier. Anyway, a few months ago Walter Payton came available and I was a bit short on cash. Thinking that another one would come available I let it go and it went for $10 shipped. Joe Montana on the other hand did not appear anywhere until December 26th. I thought it would go for a few bucks having seen a green /75 go for $15 or so. The problem was that I was in Big Sky, MT and would be on a plane when the auction ended. I put in a bid on the runway for $18 and was subsequently outbid. The card went for $23. A week or so later I acquired the Brown Franco Harris to complete that set.

Walter Payton was found in a case I opened back in December. The Montana on the other hand was more elusive. After I lost the one above, I searched and searched. Then I went on to a message board and amongst a huge huge sell/trade list was a solitary football numbered parallel, Joe Montana. I contacted the seller hoping to get a good deal and sure enough $3.70 shipped. I also picked up a Blue Steel 2007 JFK Masterpieces parallel for $1.50. I thought it was funny anyway.


BTW, Here is my wantlist, I also buy all Masterpieces Football Patches /50


Red /199

Blue /150

Brown /99

Green /75 need 7 of 105
3 - David Tyree
5 - Barry Sanders
8 - Brett Favre
20 - Devin Hester
43 - Jim Brown
46 - Joe Montana
107 - Desean Jackson

Light Blue /50 need 34

green /50 need 36

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Color Parallel Want list
Checklist SP checklist



Blue /125

Brown /100 117 of 120
80 - Tim Lincecum
98 - Johnny Bench
102 - Nolan Ryan

Green /75 105 of 120
3 - Randy Johnson
4 - Chipper Jones
19 - Ryne Sandberg
29 - Troy T
52 - Ken Griffey
54 - David Wright
56 - Jose Reyes
62 - Arod
66- r cano
67 - Eric Chavez
81 - IChiro
92 - Cal Ripken
102 - Nolan Ryan
106 - Don Mattingly

Blue /50 need 59

2007 Masterpieces Baseball
Green Linen

Green Windsor

Serious Black /99 need 28

Black Linen /99 need 22

Blue Linen /75 need 28

Pinot /75 need 24

Hades /50

Blue Steel /50

Rusted /50

2009 Ginter Mini AG back Need 23


Kev2380 said...

Geez man, would you be willing to give an estimate on how much you have invested in masterpieces? I just want to know if I'm not finding the right deals or I need to take out a small loan to get all the GU, and SP cards you have. I haven't even seen a Red GU since you posted your TWO sets. You're kind of bragging here. =) I would be too.

Joe from the D said...

Just touching base to make sure you got the 07 Aparacio /50 I sent you.

It amazes me the time/money you've got into this stuff. Either you married into a RICH family or your wife is starting to hate you right now...lol

stusigpi said...

I tend to be a bit obsessive when it comes to goals that I have. An estimate is extremely tough to give. I'd have to say $3 a card on these. Shipping is the killer but early on I was winning lots of blues browns and grees for $1 a card, if that. To give you an idea of my colection I probably have 200 doubles of blue and brown and 100 green or so along with 310 patches. You will note that my box busting has declined sharply since 2009. I am nt rich, just no kids and I dot spend a lot on housing or cars. Frankly most people are wasting their time trying to put something like this together. Time and money both.

Yeah I got the card. Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

Kev2380 said...

You aren't kidding about the shipping. People aren't charging much for the cards themselves but it's hard to find someone who will ship it for less than $2. The shipping charges are outrageous for these cards. I can see the cost of a thick plastic case and expedited shipping, but that would cost you $1.50 at most.