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Saturday, January 22, 2011

My next target or one of them, is there that much difference

So I have been  considering going vintage for a while and I bought a 53 Campy some time ago and really like it.  Anyway Jackie Robinson 53 Topps is a card I have always wanted to own.  I have been trying to figure out what my line is going to be for graded copies.  I am thinking 4,5 or 6.  Sevens get really expensive.  What say you?

PSA 3 $280

PSA 4 $175

I like this one, but my obsessive self doesn't like the chipping in the black.

PSA 5 $680

PSA 5 $295
This one smells.  It is too off center not to get an MK.

PSA 6 $399

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AdamE said...

Grade isn't important. Just go for onw that you like how it looks.

When looking for Ted Williams cards I try to find one that was glued to a scrapbook that has a great front and a really bad back.