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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Problem with Authenticating Autographs - Ruth Style

The Yankee Lineup Card was reported to be fake and then subsequently authenticated by JSA.  Not sure if I buy it.  For compelling reading on authentication generally, see Hauls of Shame.
 Interestingly enough about the Ruth's auto is that normally his penmenship is that of a 5th grader that has been made to practice over and over again.  Where fakers go wrong is the 'E' in Babe. Here, the E looks corrent, but the B and the a are odd.  The B is problematic because the loopiness of the middle of the B, plus where the B starts is not attached to the downward beginning of the B.  Basically the whole first name is too loopy, including the e. 

Quick note, Ruth signed thousands and thousands and thousands of autos in his lifetime and believe you me, people saved them.

The Fake is too perfect.

The one above may be fake

Auto above is from Ruth's will.

I'm just curious how they were able to authenticate the Ruth/Gehrig.  I don't know if its fake or real, but questions exist. 
 Anyway, on to my point.  Take a look at the following for variance in autos.  These were presumably signed all at the same time.



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AdamE said...

A friend of mine bought a Ruth auto ball years ago. It came with papers so he sent it in to get authenticated by PSA. They sent it back and said it was fake. They said that the yankees had some kind of promotion where you got a Babe Ruth autograph. Babe shook everyones hand in line and gave them a autographed ball. Thing is he had a secretary sign all the balls beforehand. PSA said that he gave out thousands of them and 90% of the people that have a hand me down Ruth ball have a fake.

Long ago I wrote a post about my part in him getting that ball here: