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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Rare Set Collectors Guide to the Galaxy

Anyone that has gone through the madness of trying to build a rare set knows the frustration of finding certain cards. Whereas with other sets, the cards are more often than not always there for the taking.

I have been down to just 1 card to complete a second set of 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football Patches /50. At this point I have 300 of these patches in hand which is about 10% of the production run. Now in full disclosure, some of these I have 8 and others I have 2-3.

Many months ago while completing my first set, Chad Johnson cost me about $34. There was another set collector out there at the time and the card got bid up unnecessarily. Since that time I have seen no other Chad Johnson Patch card until now. The last card I needed was a Reggie Bush by the way and since then I have acquired a total of 5 Bush Patches.

As with anything that I want I become a bit obsessive. I check ebay multiple times a day, comc et al, message boards and sometimes do internet searches.

Well the other day I did this search:

which led me to this

which led me to doing an ebay search and finding this lot:

specifically this pic:

$22 later all the cards in the lot are mine.

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