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Sunday, February 27, 2011

You won some Panini Cards and/or The Lebron James AllPosters.com Framed Poster

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The Lebron James Poster winner:
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Min: 1
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San Jose Fuji

The Panini Plates and Patches Cards:

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I saw Jim Brown in the Parking Lot - The Worst Team Set of All Time?

Or so bad that it's great?  I have posted about one card before, but in my search today I realized that Philly used the same background for every Browns card in 64.  Jim Brown is either high or royally pissed at this level of sucktatude

Now Compare to this. 

I always like the Kodachrome "spring training" shots

Friday, February 25, 2011

2007 Masterpieces and 2009 Topps Mayo Football Sets for Sale

Mayo sets:

With Sp's

No Sp's

No Sp's

No Sp's





Find the rest of my auctions Here:

2010 Panini Contenders Football - Sponsored by Panini

You may have noticed that a lot of my Photos aren't working. I exceeded my Photobucket bandwidth....that's 10GB in a month. They will work again March 2. The 24.95 is a bit too steep at this point. Winner of the  Plates and Patches Cards and Lebron framed poster coming tomorrow.

Anyway, Panini sent me a box of 2010 Contenders Football to review.  The draw with this product is the 4 autos per box, no jerseys.  These run $135 a box, but I would expect a bit of a drop after the initial rush.  However, The Panini Gold cards out of this product are the hottest thing going so the drop may not materialize.

Here is the base.  I do like these.  Most of the time I don't like the player cut out look of base cards, but the ticket design element gives these a nice look.  The ticket has the position, number, number of years the player has been a pro, Team, year team established and division as well as the name of the stadium the team plays in.  Nice scrisp design with good collation and good quality control.

The inserts are classic Panini and although there are some places where an autograph can go, there are design elements that make sure the card doesn't look naked.

The autos, I got 5.  The first three are basically scrubs with sticker autos but these are where the extremely rare sp's come from.  The Lonyae Miller is a mid level sp.  You can find an SP list here. at sportscard file.

The two below are on card autos and in person they really pop.  I actually criticized Panini for not having a dedicated signing area.  Fear not, these look great in person.

So the verdict eh?  Well, so far I disliked Rookies and Stars basketball and Timeless Treasures, and have liked others.  So far, this is my favorite Football product.  5 rookie autos per box with 2 of those being decent.  From a collectors standpoint, I have no choice bust to give this 5 out of 5 joes.  The on card element with the bigger named rookies is second to none at this price point.  It doesn't rival 5 star, but Im not sure where your money is better spent.  4 boxes of this or 1 box of 5 star.  It's a dead heat as far as I am concerned.  The nice thing is that this can be purchased as a single box in a much more budget conscious fashion.   What else is there in this price point that is guaranteed to yield 4 autos? Agree/disagree?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes You have to gloat

You may remember my Devin Hester Patch post here.

I am building the 2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Chicle auto Rookies set /100.  Some are out of /96.  One of the cards I need is this:
Here is the auction list.  The range is large.  Well the seller of this card had a BIN OBO for $38, so I offered $20, he refused and then $24.  He declined both.  Here are my emails:


Buy It Now price: $38.72
Your offer price: $20.00
Your terms: --
Offer expires: Feb-11-11 11:36:20 PST
View Item
Go to My eBay

His response price: $35

My response:
Buyer message: We both know this card isn't really worth the $24 I offered. There are 6 or so on eBay that haven't gotten a nibble near what you want for it.
He decided to put it up for auction starting at .99.  Here is the auction.
Here is the final result:

Item condition: --
Ended: Feb 24, 201119:06:50 PST
Bid history: 9 bids
Winning bid: US $14.85

One last chance to win Lebron

Find it here Enter until tonight at 9 pm pacific time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Redemption Panini Style - Paval Datsyuk Mirror Gold Auto /25

If you recall I pulled this out of a box of Panini Certified Hockey that was supplied by Panini.  Here it is.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Rip it and flip it - Mayo, ultimate, Topps Jumbo

As many of you know, on Friday I busted a case of 2007 Masterpieces and 2 cases of 2009 Topps Mayo. All of the cards with some exceptions are up on ebay including a rapidly becoming famous Ichiro 1/1 and a really really really super SP Nolan Ryan auto. BTW, it bugs me that I am selling both of those cards. I paid $1300 ish for the cases. Why did I buy these? To get some parallels for my Masterpieces set. Mission accomplished with some Jeter/Lincecum/Jordan framed parallel action. Additionally, I wanted to build the Mayo set and minis after building the 2008 sets.

It was a ton of work to bust and sort the cases but it was a lot of fun. Why did I bust instead of just buy the cards? With rare sets the cards aren't always available, or they are really expensive. The Lincecums /50 would be $50+ easy if they came up for auction, plus I had all the fun of busting boxes. With Mayo, the cost of getting all those minis when you consider time and shipping is almost equal to or more than the two cases cost me. Also I wanted to take a shot at some autos, a box topper and a decent rip card. I was supposed to get two rip cards but only got one. So far my auctions are up to $120 with 6 days to go and a bunch of watchers. only a few hundred more to go.

Anyway, the results of the Mayo break was mixed.  The minis were weirdly collated with no minis numbered 276-300.  1 rip card instead of 2.  I got 2 silks, Mark Clayton and President McKinley.  I got 18 jerseys or 2  more than promised, highlight was Roethlisberger.  16 autos with crap collation.  4 count em 4 Gartrelle Johnsons whoever the hell he is.  I have never heard of the guy.  Before I bought the cases I looked at the autos on ebay and found out he was the scrub auto du product.  I got 2 Pettigrews, 2 Collies, Donnie Avery, 2 Jake Long, Maclin, Robert Jarvik, and a couple others. 

On the 1 per pack silvers I got way too many doubles.  I was able to build 2 complete sets with Sp's and 3 base sets.  I am quite a few govs short of a mini set and 1 of each the world's fair and Celebrity Citizens.

Now let's get to the selling.  It took me a couple days to sort, photo, and list the auctions.  I grouped lots where applicable and made sure I set a decent minimum bid.  Prior to this rip, I tried to rip and flip a case of 09 ultimate Football.  I paid $860 for the case and netted about $250 for a loss of $600+.  One of the errors I made was listing everything at .99.  Sure some might get bid up to $10-$12, but if I would have put higher Minimums Bids I might have gotten a lot more. For example, a Roethlisberger collector might have paid $75 BIN for an auto but would gladly just outbid people to $40.  Same with that Massive 6 patch I pulled.  I should ahve listed it for much higher.  This extends to ultimate 6's.  Many collectors might have put min bids in at $20 but won them at $10. 

Thus I learned my lesson with the Masterpieces autos and others.  I put min bids of $20 on the Mcnabb Rip card, and $15 on the Mayo sets, $5 on the autos and so on and so forth.  Some I didn't worry about like the Ryan auto and the Ichiro 1/1 knowing they were going to go for well more than what any min bid I would put on it.

The problem with ripping and flipping is when things go wrong.  I had $1900 into 4 cases of Topps Jumbo and the cards, as you may recall, were shit quality.  My Bradford and Tebow autos were wrecked and I broke the odds the other way by not pulling a rookie premier auto.  By the time Topps began to sort things out I was only able to recover about $900 on the sealed cases less ebay, paypal and shipping fees.  In other words, I got hosed bad.  With the Mayo break, missing out on a rip card really hurts.

Anyway, after posting the breaks on my blog and on different forums, I got the cards listed on Ebay.  In the course of that, I got some of the most retarded offers for some of the cards.  Yeah, like you are really going to get the Ryan auto for $20 worth of cards. Same with the Ichiro.  Come on guys, at least be serious.  Also, people that want me to sell them cards for $2 shipped.  By the time I pay paypal fees and shipping and gas to get it to the post office, I lose a dollar on the deal.

The toughest part of selling is when people want you to break up a lot and sell a couple cards.  The extra time required to do this is substantial considering the number requests I get.  Then I am often back to the issue above where a person wants 1-2 cards for $1-$2 shipped.  Frankly, its just not worth my time.  In a lot of ways I count on selling these in lots just to clear out all at once.  Sometimes they don't sell for much more than an offer, but at least I took the shot. I really considered pulling my breaks off the boards just to make the emails and messages stop.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Am Joe Collector Auctions

Can be found here.

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball - Lincecum, Ryan and Ichiro

Very happy with this case. See, I don't complain all the time. I ended up with 11 or so complete sets with the cards I already had. I got 33 numbered parallels. The only bummer is the expired Derek Jeter Box Topper auto. I knew I was going to get one of these when none of the in box toppers were auto'd. Anyway, here it is. If you need any of this, let me know.

First, some greens of various flavors:

Some colored borders: These Lincecums are great pulls. They are very expensive cards and net a ton. I needed them for my sets and was so excited to get them.
/50, the both of them.
Note the Ozzie has no foil on the front. The Jeter and Jordan are huge too. Not a colored Ripken to be had:
oh and an Ichiro 1/1.


The autos: Huge pull on the Ryan, but it has some extra foil residue on the frame. It is a Super Sp though.
I did get another auto but it was an expired redemption of Jeff Baker I think. Everything but the serial numbered parallels are available. The Ichiro is available too. No trades except for colored parallels I need.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

After being shafted in a trade by a fellow blogger, set complete

Back in October, I made a trade with a blogger to get the last card for my murad mini set. Interestingly enough I had tried to buy this card from sportlots and was sent the wrong one. After that I found a blogger that had this card. The trade was for damn near half the regular murad set for this card. So I diligently pulled the wantlist and mailed it out right away. After two reminders I decided to just buy the damn thing. BTW, it's been 5 months. In the bloggers defense I forgot to send Slette some cards but once he reminded me I sent him some stuff. I've also been shafted by another blogger this month, but I will not name him here. Here it is:


2008-09 Murad Mini Set....Complete....Finally.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Three Big Ones Down

This is one, I don't have pictures of the others.  Well actually there are 4 here, but the only one that matters is the Mattingly.  There is a seller on ebay that I swear has busted 12-15 cases of 2008 Masterpieces Baseball.  I have bought a ton from him in the last couple of weeks and today this appeared on the bay.

Part of being a rare set collector is jumping on cards when you see them.  When this was posted I took a chance and emailed the seller.  You see there is another set collector out there and Mattingly has a huge following.  In fact, the last one of these I saw went for $13 or so.  I was concerned a bidding war might erupt.  Anyway I asked him/her if they had any more greens besides this one and would they sell this one to me.  The return offer was $5....Sold!  And, he said he had Cal Ripken 92 and Nolan Ryan 102.  I had struck gold.

They had one more that I bought for a total of $22.50 shipped.  Remember, I paid $25 ish for the brown Nolan Ryan and I stick to my view that it was a good price.  As I said at the time 1:24 cases for the Ryan brown.  The Greens are a bit more rare /75 instead of /100.  About 3 per case, thus 1:40ish cases to pull a Ryan, Ripken or Mattingly.  Thus the chances for me to actually pull all 3 is very very small 1:6400ish or so.  Basically, pulling the three out of one particular case at random is statistically improbable in the print run.
With that I am down to 6 Green /75 Baseball for the set.  Chipper 4, Ryne Sandberg 19, Griffey 52 (Cardbandits had one at one time......), David Wright 54, Eric Chavez 67, Ichiro 81.  So close.

Don't Forget to win this Framed LeBron Picture MSRP $155

Find it here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Professionally Framed LeBron James Poster Giveaway $155 MSRP - Allposters.com

The people over at Allposters.com sent me an email a month or two ago asking if they could send me a poster over, have me review it and then give it away. I said sure.

Anyway, here it is.  I dislike LeBron but this is a fantastic photo.  The poster has been professionally framed and looks to be triple matted in complementary colors.  The frame feels very sturdy and feels every bit as quality as it looks.  I left the See's candy box in the pic to show the size.  One thing that would be nice is if AllPosters had an option for an auto version.

The back is just as well done as the rest.  Sturdy hangers and hardware.

As you can see below, these run $155 or so.  I am not a big memorabilia guy so this isn't really my thing.  An important thing to remember about the cost is that posters and photos are often cheap, but make no mistake framing is a really expensive service.  Especially something like this.


Now the giveaway.  Go to Iamjoecollector.com.  Comment on the review posted over there and at the end I will picka  winner.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Joy of a Completed Set - 2008 Masterpieces Baseball Brown /100

Not much of an introduction. Last card was Johnny Bench.  Thanks to Duane. If you have any of the final 9 /75 green or the 50 or so /50 Blues I need, please let me know. Football I need 6 /75 and around 30 each of the /50's as well.


Red /199

Blue /150

Brown /99

Green /75 need 6
of 105
3 - David Tyree
5 - Barry Sanders
8 - Brett Favre
20 - Devin Hester
46 - Joe Montana
107 - Desean Jackson

Light Blue /50 need 31

green /50 need 31

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Color Parallel Want list
Checklist SP checklist



Blue /125

Brown /100

Green /75 111 of 120
4 - Chipper Jones
19 - Ryne Sandberg
52 - Ken Griffey
54 - David Wright
67 - Eric Chavez
81 - IChiro
92 - Cal Ripken
102 - Nolan Ryan
106 - Don Mattingly

Blue /50 need 59

2007 Masterpieces Baseball
Green Linen

Green Windsor

Serious Black /99 need 27

Black Linen /99 need 22

Blue Linen /75 need 24

Pinot /75 need 24

Hades /50 37

Blue Steel /50 41

Rusted /50 46