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Sunday, February 13, 2011

2008 Masterpieces Football Error - The Only One I Have Seen Like It

I was putting away some of my recent purchases and noticed an interesting printing error on the card. I know what you are thinking. Printing errors are silly. Well, the whole point of Masterpieces is that they are painted on a canvas like texture.

I had bought a case worth of parallels from a guy off of blowout forums and this card came along with it:
As you can see, the texture is on the back of the card. Now the odd thing about this is that you would think that there would be quite a few just like this. I have seen no other. In my 4 cases of FB, 2 cases of baseball and all of the cards I have bought, not a one. I even looked for another blue frame /50 that was numbered 45/50 and the other card I found is not like this.  It's possible that a single sheet ended up this way and the card is framed with a different color, serial number or was pulled out at quality control. Funny thing is that the front looks super cool. I don't think it would look good on the base cards, but the frame gives it a painted porcelain look.
BTW, I took these at an angle to better show the difference.

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