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Friday, February 25, 2011

2010 Panini Contenders Football - Sponsored by Panini

You may have noticed that a lot of my Photos aren't working. I exceeded my Photobucket bandwidth....that's 10GB in a month. They will work again March 2. The 24.95 is a bit too steep at this point. Winner of the  Plates and Patches Cards and Lebron framed poster coming tomorrow.

Anyway, Panini sent me a box of 2010 Contenders Football to review.  The draw with this product is the 4 autos per box, no jerseys.  These run $135 a box, but I would expect a bit of a drop after the initial rush.  However, The Panini Gold cards out of this product are the hottest thing going so the drop may not materialize.

Here is the base.  I do like these.  Most of the time I don't like the player cut out look of base cards, but the ticket design element gives these a nice look.  The ticket has the position, number, number of years the player has been a pro, Team, year team established and division as well as the name of the stadium the team plays in.  Nice scrisp design with good collation and good quality control.

The inserts are classic Panini and although there are some places where an autograph can go, there are design elements that make sure the card doesn't look naked.

The autos, I got 5.  The first three are basically scrubs with sticker autos but these are where the extremely rare sp's come from.  The Lonyae Miller is a mid level sp.  You can find an SP list here. at sportscard file.

The two below are on card autos and in person they really pop.  I actually criticized Panini for not having a dedicated signing area.  Fear not, these look great in person.

So the verdict eh?  Well, so far I disliked Rookies and Stars basketball and Timeless Treasures, and have liked others.  So far, this is my favorite Football product.  5 rookie autos per box with 2 of those being decent.  From a collectors standpoint, I have no choice bust to give this 5 out of 5 joes.  The on card element with the bigger named rookies is second to none at this price point.  It doesn't rival 5 star, but Im not sure where your money is better spent.  4 boxes of this or 1 box of 5 star.  It's a dead heat as far as I am concerned.  The nice thing is that this can be purchased as a single box in a much more budget conscious fashion.   What else is there in this price point that is guaranteed to yield 4 autos? Agree/disagree?

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TJ said...

Nice. I think the design is growing on me. I like all the information on the ticket. Plus, I doesn't hurt that it's looks like a Patriot heavy box.

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