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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aren't there supposed to be 10 of these? - Topps Rookie Premier Autos

Here is the auction.
I thought these were limited to 10. All your fake Early Doucet are belong to us!

It's possbile that some of thse are....well there is someone on the other side so they aren't the same card?

Most likely not.  Anyway, the new trick with these is to buy a blue cheap, scrub the auto off and then sign it in red.  It's the same trick as the sticker version but oncard seems to be susceptible to this as well.  Yeah. Well then the cards will pass authentication.

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Joseph said...

this seller, dan i think his name is, sells hundreds of red ink autos of the top players, they are counterfeit cards, even the blue ink autos are bogus, they are printed without an auto, so both red and blue are bogus, i made a PSA on youtube about him some time ago, he supposedly works for the post office as well... you have to compare the autos to real ones to be sure, but all this guy sells are fake