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Saturday, February 5, 2011

One of the Most Beautiful Cards Ever Made

In 2007 Upper Deck released Masterpieces Baseball. An on card auto, 3 jerseys, 5x7 topper, 6 parallels with 2 numbered to 99 or less with 18 packs per box. Quick note those parallels are Black linen, Serious Black, Blue Linen, Pinot, Hades, Rusted and Blue Steel. I wasn't busting wax when this was released so I have no idea how it sold. Ultimately the Masterpiecs brand died out as there were some serious serious issue with configuration, price, and auto checklist that could have been fixed in various ways, but much like many companies, Upper Deck just doesn't listen.

In 2008 Upper Deck really committed to the brand by putting Football, Baseball, and Hockey on the calendar. Baseball was released with some severe cutbacks: 12 packs per box, 1 auto, 1 serial numbered parallel, 1 jersey, and no topper. The auto checklist was stupidly weak. Upper Deck did add jersey/autos (3 per case ish), patches (1 per case) and patch/autos(one per case) to the mix. They expanded the set to 120 from 90 with those 30 cards being sp's. Additionally, Upper Deck simplified the framed parallel names.

Football on the other hand gives you 1 on card auto, 2 jersey and 3 numbered parallels per box. The auto checklist was much stronger than baseball. The set was 86 cards though numbered 1-90. 9 time warps numbered 91-99 and Rookie Sp's 101-110. Upper Deck included 2 red framed patches /50 per case and red auto parallels /10. I have heard those patches are nice cards. I do not know the insertion rate of the red autos but I did pull one out of my last case, zero out two other cases and 1 out of 6 box lot I bought.

For the 2008-09 Season Upper Deck released the Hockey version and it was by far the most robust. There were 4 auto/jersey per box with some boxes having 2-3 autos and one hell of a checklist. There were auto parallel and jersey parallel versions as well as the framed parallel base cards.. The Hockey version also had the 5x7 auto toppers and in doing so produced one of the most beautiful cards ever made:

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Anonymous said...

Much like you've been doing with the Baseball and Football versions of this set, one of my few projects right now is a master set of the hockey product. I cannot get enough of this set, it's easily one of my all-time favourites.