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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Professionally Framed LeBron James Poster Giveaway $155 MSRP - Allposters.com

The people over at Allposters.com sent me an email a month or two ago asking if they could send me a poster over, have me review it and then give it away. I said sure.

Anyway, here it is.  I dislike LeBron but this is a fantastic photo.  The poster has been professionally framed and looks to be triple matted in complementary colors.  The frame feels very sturdy and feels every bit as quality as it looks.  I left the See's candy box in the pic to show the size.  One thing that would be nice is if AllPosters had an option for an auto version.

The back is just as well done as the rest.  Sturdy hangers and hardware.

As you can see below, these run $155 or so.  I am not a big memorabilia guy so this isn't really my thing.  An important thing to remember about the cost is that posters and photos are often cheap, but make no mistake framing is a really expensive service.  Especially something like this.


Now the giveaway.  Go to Iamjoecollector.com.  Comment on the review posted over there and at the end I will picka  winner.

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