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Monday, February 21, 2011

Rip it and flip it - Mayo, ultimate, Topps Jumbo

As many of you know, on Friday I busted a case of 2007 Masterpieces and 2 cases of 2009 Topps Mayo. All of the cards with some exceptions are up on ebay including a rapidly becoming famous Ichiro 1/1 and a really really really super SP Nolan Ryan auto. BTW, it bugs me that I am selling both of those cards. I paid $1300 ish for the cases. Why did I buy these? To get some parallels for my Masterpieces set. Mission accomplished with some Jeter/Lincecum/Jordan framed parallel action. Additionally, I wanted to build the Mayo set and minis after building the 2008 sets.

It was a ton of work to bust and sort the cases but it was a lot of fun. Why did I bust instead of just buy the cards? With rare sets the cards aren't always available, or they are really expensive. The Lincecums /50 would be $50+ easy if they came up for auction, plus I had all the fun of busting boxes. With Mayo, the cost of getting all those minis when you consider time and shipping is almost equal to or more than the two cases cost me. Also I wanted to take a shot at some autos, a box topper and a decent rip card. I was supposed to get two rip cards but only got one. So far my auctions are up to $120 with 6 days to go and a bunch of watchers. only a few hundred more to go.

Anyway, the results of the Mayo break was mixed.  The minis were weirdly collated with no minis numbered 276-300.  1 rip card instead of 2.  I got 2 silks, Mark Clayton and President McKinley.  I got 18 jerseys or 2  more than promised, highlight was Roethlisberger.  16 autos with crap collation.  4 count em 4 Gartrelle Johnsons whoever the hell he is.  I have never heard of the guy.  Before I bought the cases I looked at the autos on ebay and found out he was the scrub auto du product.  I got 2 Pettigrews, 2 Collies, Donnie Avery, 2 Jake Long, Maclin, Robert Jarvik, and a couple others. 

On the 1 per pack silvers I got way too many doubles.  I was able to build 2 complete sets with Sp's and 3 base sets.  I am quite a few govs short of a mini set and 1 of each the world's fair and Celebrity Citizens.

Now let's get to the selling.  It took me a couple days to sort, photo, and list the auctions.  I grouped lots where applicable and made sure I set a decent minimum bid.  Prior to this rip, I tried to rip and flip a case of 09 ultimate Football.  I paid $860 for the case and netted about $250 for a loss of $600+.  One of the errors I made was listing everything at .99.  Sure some might get bid up to $10-$12, but if I would have put higher Minimums Bids I might have gotten a lot more. For example, a Roethlisberger collector might have paid $75 BIN for an auto but would gladly just outbid people to $40.  Same with that Massive 6 patch I pulled.  I should ahve listed it for much higher.  This extends to ultimate 6's.  Many collectors might have put min bids in at $20 but won them at $10. 

Thus I learned my lesson with the Masterpieces autos and others.  I put min bids of $20 on the Mcnabb Rip card, and $15 on the Mayo sets, $5 on the autos and so on and so forth.  Some I didn't worry about like the Ryan auto and the Ichiro 1/1 knowing they were going to go for well more than what any min bid I would put on it.

The problem with ripping and flipping is when things go wrong.  I had $1900 into 4 cases of Topps Jumbo and the cards, as you may recall, were shit quality.  My Bradford and Tebow autos were wrecked and I broke the odds the other way by not pulling a rookie premier auto.  By the time Topps began to sort things out I was only able to recover about $900 on the sealed cases less ebay, paypal and shipping fees.  In other words, I got hosed bad.  With the Mayo break, missing out on a rip card really hurts.

Anyway, after posting the breaks on my blog and on different forums, I got the cards listed on Ebay.  In the course of that, I got some of the most retarded offers for some of the cards.  Yeah, like you are really going to get the Ryan auto for $20 worth of cards. Same with the Ichiro.  Come on guys, at least be serious.  Also, people that want me to sell them cards for $2 shipped.  By the time I pay paypal fees and shipping and gas to get it to the post office, I lose a dollar on the deal.

The toughest part of selling is when people want you to break up a lot and sell a couple cards.  The extra time required to do this is substantial considering the number requests I get.  Then I am often back to the issue above where a person wants 1-2 cards for $1-$2 shipped.  Frankly, its just not worth my time.  In a lot of ways I count on selling these in lots just to clear out all at once.  Sometimes they don't sell for much more than an offer, but at least I took the shot. I really considered pulling my breaks off the boards just to make the emails and messages stop.

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