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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Three Big Ones Down

This is one, I don't have pictures of the others.  Well actually there are 4 here, but the only one that matters is the Mattingly.  There is a seller on ebay that I swear has busted 12-15 cases of 2008 Masterpieces Baseball.  I have bought a ton from him in the last couple of weeks and today this appeared on the bay.

Part of being a rare set collector is jumping on cards when you see them.  When this was posted I took a chance and emailed the seller.  You see there is another set collector out there and Mattingly has a huge following.  In fact, the last one of these I saw went for $13 or so.  I was concerned a bidding war might erupt.  Anyway I asked him/her if they had any more greens besides this one and would they sell this one to me.  The return offer was $5....Sold!  And, he said he had Cal Ripken 92 and Nolan Ryan 102.  I had struck gold.

They had one more that I bought for a total of $22.50 shipped.  Remember, I paid $25 ish for the brown Nolan Ryan and I stick to my view that it was a good price.  As I said at the time 1:24 cases for the Ryan brown.  The Greens are a bit more rare /75 instead of /100.  About 3 per case, thus 1:40ish cases to pull a Ryan, Ripken or Mattingly.  Thus the chances for me to actually pull all 3 is very very small 1:6400ish or so.  Basically, pulling the three out of one particular case at random is statistically improbable in the print run.
With that I am down to 6 Green /75 Baseball for the set.  Chipper 4, Ryne Sandberg 19, Griffey 52 (Cardbandits had one at one time......), David Wright 54, Eric Chavez 67, Ichiro 81.  So close.

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