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Friday, February 11, 2011

Upcoming Personal Case Breaks

Today I ordered 2 2009 Topps Mayo Football cases and 1 2007 Masterpieces Baseball case. I am going to be busting these next weekend with any luck. I am going to be selling the Box toppers, autos, jerseys, green parallels and base sets from the Masterpieces case and I will be selling Base doubles, mini doubles, autos, relics and Toppers from Mayo.

Why would I do this? Well I am taking a shot at knocking some of the numbered parallels off my wantlist from Masterpieces. I am 3/4 of the way to the /99 and /75 sets and half way to the /50's and you get 32 numbered parallels per case. If I can nail a decent 1/1, a plate, a Lincecum auto, veteran auto, or topper auto I can really defray the cost of the case. Plus with Baseball season right around the corner people often look for sets around this time. Every base set I sell gets me a few bucks back.

Also, when you want to collect a set, there ae sp's to be had and the cases are cheap, you really aren't spending that much more to bust a couple cases. Think of it this way, there are 330 cards in the set and some are sp's. Essentially I will get at least 1 set plus almost a mini set out of the cases. If you were to build a set, how much with shipping would it cost you if you were starting with nothing including the minis? At these prices, pretty much what the cases cost per card, but, again, I get a shot at the rips, autos and cabinets.

In Mayo pulling an auto cabinet(a real long shot) would maybe pull all my money back, plus with rip cards, sp's, and autos busting these cases may only cost me $100 each.

The Mayo cases were $355 and the Masterpieces case was $575. Both have quality card stock and a strong following. Additionally the price of these has pretty much bottomed out. 2008 Masterpieces was down below $500 for a while and bounce back and both of these are half of msrp. They should arrive next friday. I will not be trading except for cards that I specifically collect.

I'll see how this goes, but you will see 2 more philly cases in March, 2 masterpieces football cases in April, and most likely 2 more cases of 07 Masterpieces Baseball in May.


thosebackpages said...

Sounds like FUN!!!

Paul said...

Good luck! I'll probably be interested in some of your political/historical cards from the Mayo case. I'm on Blowout as enjoyale81.

Pop Startled said...

Best of luck, J. On a personal note, if you bust any Hanley stuff, I'd love to get a chance to buy them off of you.

beardy said...

Best of luck dude. If you're down for selling to other bloggers, I'd love a shot at any O's/Ravens that might interest me.