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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2-3 More Cases 2007 Masterpieces Baseball

I'm ordering 2-3 more cases of 07 Masterpieces Baseball on Friday the 1st. No it's not an April Fools Day Joke. If you want anything ahead of time, let me know.

Box Topper Set: $44 shipped

Sets 1-90: $12 shipped + $8 each additional shipped more than 5 are $6.50 each shipped.

Green Linen and Windsor Sets: $45 shipped each

2010 Bowman Sterling Football 4 Box Case Group Break

So I was looking at this and it seems like it is ripe for a group break:
Break and randomization will occur on Ustream.

The way it breaks down is this:


- 2 Rookie Cards
- 1 Autograph Card
- 2 Relic Cards


- 12 Rookie Cards
- 4 Autograph Cards
- 2 Autograph Relic Cards
- 12 Relic Cards
- 1 Dual Relic Box Topper

Essentially 18 hits a box X 4 boxes = 72 hits
Plus 4 box toppers
There would be 48 Rookie Cards as well. Randomly assigned.
There would be 36 slots
Each slot would be 2 hits
Draft Style. I would randomize the list of participants and you get to draft the card you want.
I would random off the 4 toppers.
Each slot would be $34
$2.50 discount for each extra slot.
Paypal to Stusigpi@hotmail.com

1. Shane
2. Shane
3. Shane
4. Red Bird
5. Red Bird
6. HEB
7. HEB
8. HEB
9. Tim?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Manufactured 1/1's

If the 1/1 wasn't killed by Moments and Milestones, surely Leaf Executive cuts has plunged the dagger into the heart of the 1/1.

If you don't know what these are, Leaf has decided that you can send in an auto and they will cut it and mount it on a typical cut auto card. If you are the first person to send in a particular person, that card is deemed a 1/1.

It probably won't surprise you that people are actively trying to get the 1/1 of a particular cut. See this blowout thread.  I do like the program to a point though.  There are many autos that are on index cards or photos that have been damaged and this program gives the opportunity to put the auto in a nice presentation piece.  I still don't like the idea of chopping up letters, contracts, nice auto'd photos or the like.

Oh, and the 1/1 thing is lame.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Custom Card 1/1 Gold - Felix Hernandez Edition

Reader King Felix Writes:

The guy stamps 1/1 on cards "for fun". WTF?
Find the Auction Here. Be careful, he is unable to "grand" refunds.

This is a 2009 Sweet Spot Felix Hernandez stamped 1/1.

These cards are not stamped by the company.  I am the one who stamps them as an aftermarket collectible.  They are for fun and entertainment only!  Please take a good look at the pictures so you know exactly what you are bidding on.

All items (unless you win multiple) will be mailed in a plain white envelope to help you save on shipping.  If you want the item mailed in a bubble envelope, please contact me for the updated and appropriate shipping fees.

These are really neat and fun items stamped by myself.  If you want your own card stamped, please contact me how I can do it for you!  I can stamp any serial number you like.  I can do 1/1 or even a player's jersey number such as 7/7 or 7/10 like John Elway wears. 

Since these are aftermarket items and by bidding, you understand what you are getting, I am not able to grand refunds.  So please bid carefully and wisely.  Again, these are for fun and entertainment only.

Thank you and enjoy!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Masterpieces wantlist


Red /199

Blue /150

Brown /99

Green /75 need 2
of 105
3 - David Tyree
5 - Barry Sanders

Light Blue /50 need 29
2,4,9,10,13,16,19,24,32,34,44,50,58,60, 62,69,76,78,79,80,83,86,88,91,93,96,102,104,110

green /50 need 22

Burgundy /25

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Color Parallel Want list
Checklist SP checklist



Blue /125

Brown /100

Green /75 117 of 120
52 - Ken Griffey
67 - Eric Chavez
81 - IChiro

Blue /50 need 36

2007 Masterpieces Baseball
Green Linen

Green Windsor

Serious Black /99 need 13

Black Linen /99 need 6

Blue Linen /75 need 11

Pinot /75 need 10

Hades /50 18

Blue Steel /50 22

Rusted /50 27

2009 Ginter A and G backs

2009 Mayo Wantlists:
4,13,17,27,28,29,41,46,47,57,58,,66,67,69,71,72,73,77,78,79,80,81,83,84,86,87,89,91,94,97,101,102,111,117,123,129,132,133,134,143,147,149,158,163,165,168,169,171,173,178,179,182,184,186,191,192,193,198,203,208,211,212,216,218,237,238,241,249,253,258,262,268,269,272,276-299 x 293,292291290287283,308,320,321,324,330

Friday, March 25, 2011

Need a Job?

Linkeage: http://www.upperdeck.com/hr/jobdescription.aspx?jid=679

Here is a Q and A

Here is my favorite question and answer. The idiocy of this should be apparent to you.

Question – I’m a shop and if I purchase three cases of a product and can’t move two of them, what are my options for selling off the other two cases?

Answer – Shops will need to wait the 90 day period before they look to move product through alternate methods. Any shop found doing so before the 90 day period is subject to removal from the program. It is imperative that shops understand their needs and buy responsibly. Additionally, as an industry we need to get away from this sort of thinking. In what other industry do you plan where you are going to get rid of product before you even take possession of it? Let’s let the collector ultimately determine the fate of products!

Botardation right there. Really? In every industry you plan for sales and what you will do if your sales do not reach targets and you need to not lose your shirt. Often times it can be obvious in a day or two if a product is going to sell.

Panini HD and Upper Deck EVOLUTION

Yeah, they are both stupid. Next.

I'm not going to leave you hanging there. The bottom line is that these are at best a gimmick and at worse not really cards at all.


From The Horsey's Mouth: EVOLUTION is a trading card first, while their product looks like a video player. We have done some technology-based cards before and while they were popular and definitely had a niche fan base, they weren’t very popular with the hobby. The reason why is because they didn’t look like trading cards. Throughout our extensive development process, one thing we felt was paramount to the success of the project was that these look like trading cards first with a compelling design, player images and the video adds to the trading card. When I saw the mock-up of the Panini card, it looked to me like a video player, not a trading card. What do you see when the card isn’t playing for the Panini card? It would just be a blank black screen. That is not a very compelling collectible and certainly doesn’t make you think ‘trading card.’ We all know that trading card companies cannot compete with Sony and Panasonic, so what Upper Deck chose to do is focus on what we do best. We made a compelling new trading card utilizing existing booklet card features and incorporated video, not a video player we tried to pass off as a trading card.

Panini HD:
These are basically glorified video players with a USB port and a play button.

The real story is that Upper Deck is acting like a bitch than won a fight with Panini over some man meat.  Here are some selected twitter comments.

Here are the ones from UD

The differences between the @paniniamerica & @upperdecksports video cards, NPN's & more in this week's Ask UD: http://cot.ag/hO9iAO #Collect

@mattjlange They may not be for everyone, but the EVOLUTION video cards are innovative, which is what we do here at UD. #alwaysinnovating

UpperDeckSports Upper Deck

@PaniniAmerica Kudos on announcing a video card concept this week. Our video cards are done & in the process of packing out now. #First

UpperDeckSports Upper Deck

Curious what EVOLUTION is? Well the time has come to share... Check this out: http://bit.ly/fmOCzj #Collect #Football #Innovate #First

Now Panini:
@mattjlange Appreciate the love even if you don't see the beauty Panini HD.

and then a never truer comment from Matt Lange
@UpperDeckSports @PaniniAmerica love you guys but the idea of video cards is not a good one.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not a Rant.........Raging against the machine - Work in Progress

This is going to rub some people the wrong way.  Ready? Panini and their price fixing. Let me break this down for you former lawyer style.  I am not saying Panini is guilty of anything, merely my opinion of what they are doing.  Regardless of if what they are doing is legal or not, they are still taking a steamy dump on consumers.  This is merely an analysis of why I think they might be in violation.  I am also no longer a licensed attorney.  I went inactive for my current job.

By now, everyone has heard of Panini and their MAPP pricing.  Right when I heard about this issue, an alert went off....Price Fixing at its worst.  Here are the Panini postings from their blog here and here.

First, Price Fixing is defined as: An Agreement between participants on the same side in a market to buy or sell a product, service, or commodity only at a fixed price, or maintain the market conditions such that the price is maintained at a given level by controlling supply and demand. (Wiki).

Make no mistake, that's what Panini is doing here.  Panini is entering into agreements with Card Shops to only advertise products at a minimum price, controlling supply and fabricating market conditions.  Now that in and of itself may or may not be a violation, but check out some quotes from the video:

Transcribed by One Bad Day from FCB
"The difference between one internet seller and another internet seller is price, and if you get into a price war nobody in this room wins."

"Rodney's done a fantastic job of allocating product, he knows where almost every case goes...he knows how much product is going to where, and by controlling the flow he's kept prices high."

"We can't necessarily tell you what you're going to sell it to your customers for, we can't tell the distributors what they're going to sell for, but we can certainly control how much we see our products advertised for. So we're going to monitor all of the resources that are out there, whether it be b2b, eBay, you name it, we're going to be watching carefully to make sure that nobody breaks MAPP pricing."

"Rodney will, as we solicit product, identify what the wholesale price is, we'll identify what the suggested retail is, we'll identify the margins that we expect to be maintained. We don't want to see anything advertised below those price points."

"We would expect, obviously, for you to support the MAPP pricing... for 30 days. We recognize... not every thing we do is a homerun. So we recognize that after a certain period of time, prices start to wane a bit, you need to get out from under existing inventory so you can buy future inventory. After 30 days your free to move about and 'business as usual" if you will.'"

"Rodney's going to have to be diligent about market price value... So if we feel like we have to adjust, Rodney can go on, announce to the world that we're reducing our MAPP pricing, and that will go into effect immediately."

"No wholesale distribution by stores for 30 days."

"We want to drive consumers into brick and mortar stores. These people that have been sitting back and ordering online, and then coming to you complaining about the prices that your charging, will now have to go into your stores to buy the latest and greatest product. *applause* "

"We want you to be able to pre-book product at wholesale prices from the distributors... We hear all the time, distributors are taking the opportunity and running prices up when something gets hot. For a limited period of time we want you to be able to buy from your distributors at established wholesale pricing. *applause* "

No one is happier about this than card shops.  Here is a link to the blowout discussion.  See the user Kajshack?  He is no other than @victory_sports from twitter.  Basically the way that Panini and Kaj are trying to skirt the rules and excuse their conduct is by saying that we aren't setting a minimum price, just what the prices can be advertised at.  The problem with this is that the entire scheme as well as the intent is to increase the price that wax is being sold and thus profit. A defense that Panini would try to put up is that they didn't actually tell the retailers what to sell for.  This is akin to a john telling the police that he was simply making a donation to the prostitute after they had sex. Or someone saying I didn't rob the guy, I just told him it was in his best interest to give me all of his money.

From those quotes, one can infer that even though Panini says "we can't tell you what price to charge", the intent is to increase prices through requiring certain prices to be advertised, restricting distribution channels, and their statement regarding allocations to dealers that play nice.  Additionally, the stated purpose is to increase margins and protect sales for Card Shops. For example "and by controlling the flow he's kept prices high."

On Twitter and such I have seen references to Leegin which is a price fixing case decided by the Supreme Court.  Hold on, we are about to separate the men from the boys.  The references on Twitter and such have relied upon Leegin to say that this is not illegal.  First, Leegin only states that price fixing in the fashion that is potentially occuring here is not a per se violation of federal law.  In other words, instead of essentially being found guilty before a defendant can present evidence as to why they fix prices, the government has to actually present evidence as to how competition and the consumer is harmed. Here is where it gets more interesting.

What many people forget is that states have their own anti trust laws.  Remember when Upper Deck was whining that some states consider redemptions to be sweepstakes and thus they must expire?  Well states have laws that govern trade practices.  It gets even better. According to this paper, 37 states disagree strongly with the holding that these actions are not per se violations.  In other words, states do not look kindly on these types of acts, so even if the feds don't think this is a violation, there are at least 37 states that are strongly against these kinds of actvities.  See further discussion here.

Basically shops are happy as pigs is slop because they know that these actions will make them money.  Why? Simple, Panini and the shops are agreeing to maintain the market conditions such that the price is maintained at a given level by controlling supply and demand.   When reading comments about this situation be very careful about false analogies.  Such as "Sony uses MAPP. U can't go to Walmart and demand to pay factory cost."  That isn't what is going on here.  Blowout, DA, Atlanta, Big T and many many others want to be able to buy and sell a product for what the market will handle and what they can afford to sell it for.  We don't go to them and demand a certain price, we pay what they are offering the product for and Panini is trying to keep those retailers from offering those prices.

The other example is McDonalds.  If I have to explain why McDonalds is not violating rules by setting the double cheese price at $1, you need to shut off your tv and the internet and read a damn book.

Where this gets interesting is if a state or the feds say that Panini is not the exclusive provider of cards.  Well they are one of two hockey and football producers and the only basketball producer.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ebay Giveth and Ebay Taketh away - Two More Big Ones

I hate to buy these when I intend to bust more cases but you have to grab when available sometimes. As you know I am selling a ton of 07 masterpieces on ebay as I buy more. Worst case scenario is that I pull one or both and then have to sell the double:

Jordan /50:  Haven't seen one of these be available ever. I believe this to be rusted.
and Lincecum Blue /75.  Funny thing about this card is that I have seen these listed for $40-$80.  A BGS 9.5 sold for $60.  When buying the Pinot version last week , I offered the seller $20 and he took it.  There were a number of factors I based that offer on and as it turns out I was about correct.  Sale Price on this one? $18.50 Shipped

Little less than 4 hours to go

Item image
Item: 140523252708
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.51Time left:3h 49m

Item image
Item: 140523252792
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$3.01Time left:3h 50m

Item image
Item: 140523252856
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.25Time left:3h 50m

Item image
Item: 140523252972
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.25Time left:3h 50m

Item image
Item: 140523253118
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.81Time left:3h 51m

Item image
Item: 140523253368
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.56Time left:3h 52m

Item image
Item: 140523253582
This seller accepts PayPal3 Bids$1.81Time left:3h 52m

Item image
Item: 140523253839
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.56Time left:3h 53m

Item image
Item: 140523254057
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.56Time left:3h 53m

Item image
Item: 140523254138
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.56Time left:3h 54m

Item image
Item: 140523254238
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.25Time left:3h 54m

Item image
Item: 140523254328
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.81Time left:3h 55m

Item image
Item: 140523254431
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.56Time left:3h 55m

Item image
Item: 140523254504
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:3h 56m

Item image
Item: 140523254589
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:3h 56m

Item image
Item: 140523254762
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.76Time left:3h 57m

Item image
Item: 140523254821
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:3h 57m

Item image
Item: 140523254876
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:3h 58m

Item image
Item: 140523254972
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:3h 58m

Item image
Item: 140523255042
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:3h 59m

Item image
Item: 140523255159
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:3h 59m

Item image
Item: 140523255861
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:4h 2m

Item image
Item: 140523255943
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:4h 3m

Item image
Item: 140523256135
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:4h 3m

Item image
Item: 140523256233
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.29Time left:4h 4m

Item image
Item: 140523256378
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:4h 5m

Item image
Item: 140523256584
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:4h 5m

Item image
Item: 140523256645
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:4h 6m

Item image
Item: 140523256747
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.25Time left:4h 6m

Item image
Item: 140523257599
This seller accepts PayPal5 Bids$19.51Time left:4h 9m

Item image
Item: 140523257983
This seller accepts PayPal4 Bids$10.51Time left:4h 11m

Item image
Item: 140523258379
This seller accepts PayPal6 Bids$32.65Time left:4h 12m

Item image
Item: 140523258773
This seller accepts PayPal3 Bids$14.05Time left:4h 14m

Item image
Item: 140523259541
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:4h 16m

Item image
Item: 140523260741
This seller accepts PayPal5 Bids$4.50Time left:4h 19m

Item image
Item: 140523261460
This seller accepts PayPal5 Bids$21.30Time left:4h 21m

Item image
Item: 140523262423
This seller accepts PayPal8 Bids$37.00Time left:4h 23m

Item image
Item: 140523262773
This seller accepts PayPal3 Bids$8.00Time left:4h 24m

Item image
Item: 140523262926
This seller accepts PayPal3 Bids$8.50Time left:4h 24m

Item image
Item: 140523263588
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:4h 27m

Item image
Item: 140523265401
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.42Time left:4h 35m

Item image
Item: 140523265691
This seller accepts PayPal5 Bids$12.51Time left:4h 37m

Item image
Item: 140523266576
This seller accepts PayPal4 Bids$7.50Time left:4h 39m

Item image
Item: 140523267046
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:4h 41m

Item image
Item: 140523267355
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$3.25Time left:4h 42m

Item image
Item: 140523267612
This seller accepts PayPal8 Bids$11.50Time left:4h 44m

Item image
Item: 140523269719
This seller accepts PayPal7 Bids$5.52Time left:4h 47m

Item image
Item: 140523270616
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:4h 48m

Item image
Item: 140523272012
This seller accepts PayPal3 Bids$3.27Time left:4h 52m

Item image
Item: 140523273828
This seller accepts PayPal3 Bids$1.04Time left:4h 59m

Item image
Item: 140523274250
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.04Time left:5h 1m

Item image
Item: 140523274647
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.25Time left:5h 3m

Item image
Item: 140523275130
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:5h 5m

Item image
Item: 140523275651
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:5h 7m

Item image
Item: 140523277595
This seller accepts PayPal5 Bids$10.52Time left:5h 11m

Item image
Item: 140523278195
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.25Time left:5h 13m

Item image
Item: 140523278939
This seller accepts PayPal3 Bids$1.80Time left:5h 15m

Item image
Item: 140523279677
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.25Time left:5h 17m

Item image
Item: 140523280498
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:5h 19m

Item image
Item: 140523281843
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.25Time left:5h 22m

Item image
Item: 140523282604
This seller accepts PayPal0 Bids$0.99Time left:5h 26m

Item image
Item: 140523284520
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.25Time left:5h 33m

Item image
Item: 140523285113
This seller accepts PayPal4 Bids$27.72Time left:5h 36m

Item image
Item: 140523286207
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:5h 40m

Item image
Item: 140523289475
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$0.99Time left:5h 51m

Item image
Item: 140523296947
This seller accepts PayPal8 Bids$20.50Time left:6h 17m

Item image
Item: 140523298467
This seller accepts PayPal6 Bids$21.00Time left:6h 22m

Item image
Item: 140523299764
This seller accepts PayPal6 Bids$26.01Time left:6h 26m

Item image
Item: 140523301561
This seller accepts PayPal7 Bids$21.61Time left:6h 33m

Item image
Item: 140523333658
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:9h 37m

Item image
Item: 140523333702
This seller accepts PayPal0 Bids$0.99Time left:9h 37m

Item image
Item: 140523333780
This seller accepts PayPal0 Bids$0.99Time left:9h 38m

Item image
Item: 140523333939
This seller accepts PayPal0 Bids$0.99Time left:9h 40m

Item image
Item: 140523334017
This seller accepts PayPal0 Bids$0.99Time left:9h 41m

Item image
Item: 140523334133
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.04Time left:9h 42m

Item image
Item: 140523334231
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.04Time left:9h 43m

Item image
Item: 140523334317
This seller accepts PayPal0 Bids$0.99Time left:9h 44m

Item image
Item: 140523334381
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$2.25Time left:9h 45m

Item image
Item: 140523334470
This seller accepts PayPal2 Bids$1.25Time left:9h 46m

Item image
Item: 140523334498
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:9h 46m

Item image
Item: 140523334559
This seller accepts PayPal1 Bid$0.99Time left:9h 47m

Item image
Item: 140523334591
This seller accepts PayPal0 Bids$0.99Time left:9h 47m
Item image
Item: 140523336852
This seller accepts PayPal13 Bids$35.00Time left:10h 10m