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Friday, March 11, 2011

2007 Masterpieces Baseball Cases 2 3 4: The 1 of 1's: Ichiro Again

It's late, or early if you prefer, but it took me 6 hours to bust and sort 3 cases. Here are the 1/1's:

I'll get right to it. What are the odds? This time instead of the Red Linen Ichiro 1/1, it is the Persian Blue and a Jason Bay Urban Gray.

A plate of Hanley Ramirez:

Below you will notice 3 Cliff Lee Autos. But one of them is not like the other:
If you can't tell, I didn't just take a felt pen to the card. The 2007 1/1's had a green border with gold foil.

If you want one of these 1/1's, let me know. Come correct with your offer. Paypal or cash only unless you have something just too damn good to pass up.


beardy said...

Any other decent autos? There's a Jim Palmer in this set I've been after for a while now.

Nice going on the 1/1's.

AdamE said...

You must have a mountain of the regular black bordered cards by now. I need most of the Red Sox team.

5 Carlton Fisk
14 David Ortiz
22 Babe Ruth
25 Carl Yastrzemski
27 Daisuke Matsuzaka RC
31 David Ortiz
86 2004 Red Sox World Series
90 Curt Schilling

Can you help?

mmmrhubarb said...

On a similar note, I'd be interested in the Twins; I have some of the colors, but missing several:
#35 Mauer
#52 Santana
#73 Morneau
Captured on Canvas:
#CC-SA Santana

I'd also be interested in how you can tell the linen cards from the "non-linen" cards!

stusigpi said...

lots of terrible autos but some guy named tim and troy. No palmer but I did pull him out of 08.

I've got tons of greens and everything else, still have to sort.

I have a couple articles on my blog on how to tell. One is titled "even comc doesn't know the difference"

mmmrhubarb said...

Hey, thanks "Joe" - I missed that post first time around. I'm going to have to get a bright light and a jeweler's loupe and see what exactly I have here.

Jake Klemp said...

Hey Joe Collector. I've found that many of the 2007 Masterpieces checklists out there are inaccurate. (And the 2008, too, for that matter.) I happen to currently possess that Jason Bay Urban Gray that you have pictured there. I picked it up with the Red Linen 1/1, the Black Plate, and a "White 1/1." I can't seem to find the White 1/1 on any CL.

Anyway, I figure you've busted so many of these cases that you have an accurate Parallel CL for this product. If you wouldn't mind, can you post a list of the parallels from this product, as well as the print runs. It would be extremely helpful.

Thanks, and great job with this blog. I haven't seen you post much lately, but there's such a wealth of info here that it keeps me plenty busy.

aka petMonster

stusigpi said...


The "white" parallel is the artist proof. It has the holofoil printing. I was surprised when I saw those posted on ebay because the guy that had those was a pretty serious Bay supercollector.

Windsor Green
Green Linen
Black Linen /99
Serious Black /99
Blue Linen /75
Pinot Red /75
Blue Steel /50
Hades /50
Rusted /50
Red Linen 1/1
Ionised 1/1
Urban Grey 1/1
Artist Proof 1/1
Celestial Blue 1/1
Persian Blue Linen 1/1
Bronze Ore 1/1
4 color printing plates.