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Monday, March 28, 2011

Custom Card 1/1 Gold - Felix Hernandez Edition

Reader King Felix Writes:

The guy stamps 1/1 on cards "for fun". WTF?
Find the Auction Here. Be careful, he is unable to "grand" refunds.

This is a 2009 Sweet Spot Felix Hernandez stamped 1/1.

These cards are not stamped by the company.  I am the one who stamps them as an aftermarket collectible.  They are for fun and entertainment only!  Please take a good look at the pictures so you know exactly what you are bidding on.

All items (unless you win multiple) will be mailed in a plain white envelope to help you save on shipping.  If you want the item mailed in a bubble envelope, please contact me for the updated and appropriate shipping fees.

These are really neat and fun items stamped by myself.  If you want your own card stamped, please contact me how I can do it for you!  I can stamp any serial number you like.  I can do 1/1 or even a player's jersey number such as 7/7 or 7/10 like John Elway wears. 

Since these are aftermarket items and by bidding, you understand what you are getting, I am not able to grand refunds.  So please bid carefully and wisely.  Again, these are for fun and entertainment only.

Thank you and enjoy!

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