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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My National Treasures comment

Blah blah blah, angry, blah blah blah, national treasure sucks....well not necessarily. Panini did say they are open to constructive criticism and so here it goes.

Sticker autos:
There is no excuse for sticker autos in this product. It makes the cards look super cheap and leads to cards that have little value. Here are many examples of what I mean:
Basically the auto runs off the sticker.  Other than you are paying $70 a card at retail and thus these cards should beon card, you are also paying that per card amount for a single color ersey card in a box, so the budget for autos is actually higher.  I see these cards are being worthless.  They are supposed to be autos, but part of the auto is missing.  Am I nitpicking, no.  Could you imagine if you bought a car and the stereo wan't there, or the manufacturer didn't paint the trunk.....on the caddy you just bought?

I don't mind single color jerseys on jersey/auto cards, but a single color jersey in a $400+ product?  These are max $20 cards.  Unless it is a $3 card or less:
and many of those higher $ jerseys are selling like that because of the newness of the product. Check out this search.  So the take away in this is to drop a couple "hits" from the product and make the ones you do put in better quality.  Not every jersey has to be a logo, but in a product like this, leave the single color jerseys out.

Now, the question is how to accomplish this?  Easy, this product obviously doesn't come out until 2 months after the season is over for most players, and of course the vets and Legends are available all the damn time.  Just get the cards printed and shipped out earlier.  If you have to do a redemption that is good for 5 years because you didn't get a hard signed card in on time, so what? Shoot all these cards with the exception of Rookies can be printed the June before the product release. BTW, the RPA's look awesome.

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Fuji said...

Very well said... I said the same thing to my LCS owner yesterday.