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Friday, March 25, 2011

Need a Job?

Linkeage: http://www.upperdeck.com/hr/jobdescription.aspx?jid=679

Here is a Q and A

Here is my favorite question and answer. The idiocy of this should be apparent to you.

Question – I’m a shop and if I purchase three cases of a product and can’t move two of them, what are my options for selling off the other two cases?

Answer – Shops will need to wait the 90 day period before they look to move product through alternate methods. Any shop found doing so before the 90 day period is subject to removal from the program. It is imperative that shops understand their needs and buy responsibly. Additionally, as an industry we need to get away from this sort of thinking. In what other industry do you plan where you are going to get rid of product before you even take possession of it? Let’s let the collector ultimately determine the fate of products!

Botardation right there. Really? In every industry you plan for sales and what you will do if your sales do not reach targets and you need to not lose your shirt. Often times it can be obvious in a day or two if a product is going to sell.

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