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Friday, March 25, 2011

Panini HD and Upper Deck EVOLUTION

Yeah, they are both stupid. Next.

I'm not going to leave you hanging there. The bottom line is that these are at best a gimmick and at worse not really cards at all.


From The Horsey's Mouth: EVOLUTION is a trading card first, while their product looks like a video player. We have done some technology-based cards before and while they were popular and definitely had a niche fan base, they weren’t very popular with the hobby. The reason why is because they didn’t look like trading cards. Throughout our extensive development process, one thing we felt was paramount to the success of the project was that these look like trading cards first with a compelling design, player images and the video adds to the trading card. When I saw the mock-up of the Panini card, it looked to me like a video player, not a trading card. What do you see when the card isn’t playing for the Panini card? It would just be a blank black screen. That is not a very compelling collectible and certainly doesn’t make you think ‘trading card.’ We all know that trading card companies cannot compete with Sony and Panasonic, so what Upper Deck chose to do is focus on what we do best. We made a compelling new trading card utilizing existing booklet card features and incorporated video, not a video player we tried to pass off as a trading card.

Panini HD:
These are basically glorified video players with a USB port and a play button.

The real story is that Upper Deck is acting like a bitch than won a fight with Panini over some man meat.  Here are some selected twitter comments.

Here are the ones from UD

The differences between the @paniniamerica & @upperdecksports video cards, NPN's & more in this week's Ask UD: http://cot.ag/hO9iAO #Collect

@mattjlange They may not be for everyone, but the EVOLUTION video cards are innovative, which is what we do here at UD. #alwaysinnovating

UpperDeckSports Upper Deck

@PaniniAmerica Kudos on announcing a video card concept this week. Our video cards are done & in the process of packing out now. #First

UpperDeckSports Upper Deck

Curious what EVOLUTION is? Well the time has come to share... Check this out: http://bit.ly/fmOCzj #Collect #Football #Innovate #First

Now Panini:
@mattjlange Appreciate the love even if you don't see the beauty Panini HD.

and then a never truer comment from Matt Lange
@UpperDeckSports @PaniniAmerica love you guys but the idea of video cards is not a good one.


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Offy said...

I'm not exactly sure who mans Upper Deck's Twitter account, but they've been a Grade A douchebag the past couple of months. They enjoy arguing with and baiting people. How the hell is that customer service?

I can't wait for one more lawsuit to wipe them out completely. There's got to be more they've done that has yet to come to light.