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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Quandry of Parting with cards I like

Some of you have been around since I started my masterpieces quest. One of the first things I did was build the 2007 Masterpieces Green Windsor Set and the Green Linen set. For the longest time I thought I had a complete set but it turned out I had a franken set. The Linens are a mere 1-2 per box and the Windsor are 3-4 per box. With perfect collation that would mean 45 boxes for a Lines set at 23 for a Windsor set.

In the 4 cases I just opened I didn't actually get a complete set of either but had to build from the myriad of doubles I had. Even then I only was able to complete 1 set of each. I have both sets for sale on ebay. Linen and then the Windsor.

Funny thing is I have never seen a set of either for sale and my thought is these could go for anywhere between $10-$100 depending on whether a bidding war breaks out.

Here is the Quandry.  The seller part of me knows I have to be willing to sell cards that I want to keep, the collector in me thinks that people should have to build and earn a set like these.  Don't know why I think that way.

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