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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Upper Deck, expired redemption, and some BS

So as many of you know, I pulled an expired Derek Jeter Box Topper Auto out of my Masterpieces case. The card expired sometime in October 2009 for a 2007 product. I entered the code into the UD redemption website, came up empty. The last few months I have read about UD honoring expired redemptions so I gave them a call today. The rep on the phone gave me the runaround saying there was nothing he could do, but if the redemption expired less than a year ago, he could help me out.  What? So you accept expired redemptions but mine is too old?  So expired doesn't mean expired unless it's really expired apparently.  Then I took to twitter for this conversation with UD over Twitter:

Me: just got the run around from @upperdecksports on the phone regarding the redemption. Their story keeps changing. @offy

@iamjoecollector We've shared before that expired cards cannot be honored: http://bit.ly/i6EtN7 MLB is very tough to help with now. Sorry!

@upperdecksports That isn't true, the rep on the phone told me that UD will honor them if the haven't been expired for more than 1 year

@upperdecksports So which is it?

@ @iamjoecollector Again, MLB is difficult. We don't have a license, no new products & collectors who redeemed on time get priority.

@ @iamjoecollector You can work with the reps, but don't expect that Jeter. That ship has most likely sailed. One of the dangers of older wax.

@UpperDeckSports I tried, but the rep flat out told I get nothing willy wonka style.

@ @iamjoecollector Then that would be your final answer. Sorry again, but you've got to be careful in busting older product.

@UpperDeckSports so what you are saying is that the process is arbitrary? Great.

@ @iamjoecollector More that havent had a MLB license for two years, the cupboard is bare. If you buy MLB product, you do so at your own risk.

@UpperDeckSports Good Grief.

Then Upper Deck posted the following.  I couldn't help but be an ass about the whole thing

UpperDeckSports Upper Deck
How bad to you think the NFL lockout will get or do you think they'll come to a late agreement?

To which I answered:
If the nfl agreement expires isn't the nfl just canceled? I mean expiration is expiration right?

suppose it could be canceled for certai(n) teams and not others because we can apply different unwritten rules to some people a(n)d not others.


G_Moses said...

I followed that on twitter all day. Freaking UD. I told them that box guarantee hits. If their "process" is as such, then boxes should contain the hits and redemptions should be extra. C'mon, for a Jeter they could at least give you the equivalent with a Crosby or something

Derek said...

Damn, that really sucks. I'm sorry for you and offy with your topper redemptions.

beardy said...

Yeah, well, you know I know how you feel. It's total bullshit.

Fuck Upper Deck. Fuck Topps too.

Anonymous said...

Way Off Base: Redemption Rant

Anonymous said...

By the way, I linked to your blog post and Tweeted it too.

Smart Piggy said...

These redemptions shouldnt have expiration dates unless the companies plan on going out fo business in the very near future