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Thursday, April 14, 2011

2007 Masterpieces Baseball Case Number 7

Yup, 7 cases since mid February. Man these cases are hit and miss. Spoiler...No Redemptions! I have 1 topper set and shockingly was not able to complete a windsor or Linen set even with an infusion of greens from Duane of democratic roadkill.

Anyway, these will be up on Ebay tonight, if you want something let me know.

The Topper

The Plate: Very Cool Card. The card came packed with the base card in the penny sleeve. The Strokes of Genius plates come with a blank.

The Parallels:
Black Linen
Serious Black
Blue Linen
Pinot Needed the Ripken. Score
Rusted: Already had the Jordan, paid $28 ish shipped
Blue Steel: Need the Jordan

The Autos: This is my third Timmy in 7 cases. Other than that the big time retired autos are tough ass pulls obviously:


Play at the Plate said...

How much for the Kinsler auto?

SpastikMooss said...

That is a real nice Plate.

King Felix 4 CY said...

Jeff, is there a Felix auto box topper? that would be so very nice. I am considering a purchase from FCB Box shop. They have 07 masterpieces for 39 a box, thinkin of getting a couple.

stusigpi said...

There is no Felix auto topper. These are fun to open, but volume is definately the way to go.

CY said...

I want to get a box or 2 of the Leaf Ali cards, and might just add a box or 2 of masterpieces. Maybe not, we'll see.