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Friday, April 1, 2011

Clearing the Upper Deck AIR

Email from DA Card World

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected by Upper Deck to be one of only a few Authorized Internet Retailers in the United States. Unfortunately, this agreement dramatically changes who we can sell to:
  • We can no longer sell to Canada until the product has been out for a full year
  • We can no longer sell to stores or re-sellers until the product has been out 90 days
Upper Deck has also made some changes that make it vital for customers to purchase their product from Authorized Retailers. In the unlikely event there is a product issue with your box or case (damages,collations,missing cards, etc...) Upper Deck Customer Care will be able to assist you. If you purchase new Upper Deck product from a non-authorized re-seller Upper Deck will likely not be able to assist. Additionally, if you need help with redemptions and purchased from an Authorized Retailer you will get enhanced customer support.
For collectors and box breakers there has never been a better time to buy new Upper Deck products from us!
Important: In the event that you purchase a box from us and attempt to re-sell it within 90 days of the product's release date, it is highly likely this will be found out by the Upper Deck Hobby Enforcement Team. If the box is tracked back to you as the seller, Upper Deck will be providing Authorized Retailers with a Do Not Sell list, meaning you will not be able to acquire Upper Deck product in the future.
If you are interested in purchasing new Upper Deck product from us your intent must be to open the product, not to re-sell the boxes.


The Big Kahuna said...

Wow....this is really starting to turn into "Collector's Hell".

Jersey said...

The really sad thing is that it doesn't matter if you purchase from an "Authorized Retailer" or not, Upper Deck STILL will not replace defective and damaged merchandise. I spent $1400 on a case of UD Black from one of Upper Deck's "Authorized Internet Retailers" and after 3 months they have yet to refund my money or send product replacements statng that "they are working on it" [despite the 8-12 weeks I was initially quoted]. Perhaps the "Hobby Police's" time would be better off in the quality assurance department or assisting customer service with the [over 3 month] back log of damaged merchandise claims which are supposedly the reason they haven't gotten around to adressing my defective product yet. Buy from whoever you want. Upper Deck won't do anything for you regardless of where you purchase the product. They can't even send redemptions correctly. From the $1400 I spent on defective cards [inside a factory sealed case] I had 4 redemptions. They only sent 3 of them marking the 4th as "completed" despite not having sent it. Leaving me with 3 of 38 cards for $1400. SO much for purchasing from an "Authorized Retailer".