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Friday, April 22, 2011

Collection Buying - Masterpieces Style

BTW, if you have lots of mid late 90's inserts and inserts from the 2000's whether they be jerseys, autos, or just your plain old inserts and you want to sell them, let me know. 

Anyway,  Slette began collecting masterpieces Patches and Parallel sets like me.  When he told me he was making the attempt, I cringed knowing the difficulty in building these sets.  After amassing 24 or so /50 patches and a number of /50 and /25 parallels, Slette asked me whether I would be interested....of course.

Here is what I picked up:
First a couple autos:

/50 blue

/50 Metallics

/25 Burgundy and /10

/50 patches

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