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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dodging bullets

When you are to the point I am in building my Masterpieces sets, some cards scare you to death.  Especially when you have been watching for 2 years and you see 1 or 2 in that time and they sell for a fortune.  Well maybe not a fortune, but more than you want to pay.  Also, being down to 6 cards in an /75 set becomes almost unbearable, waiting for cards to show up.  Sure enough, 4 of the 6 I needed have shown up in the last week.

Favre Green /75 - Ugh $20 - With how awesome this card is and how rarely it shows up, you never know when  Favre collector is going to take you to the limit.
While cruising Ebay the other day, I noticed that a guy was posting a bunch of masterpieces autos.  I took it upon myself to email him to see if he had any parallels.  He did.  He told me he was going to post them.  He Did, as Topps Letterman Parallels.  So I made him an offer for the 3 cards below, $22.40 shipped.
and now we have Joe.  Joe has been around before.  I missed out on it for $15 as I didn't expect it to go for that much.  There was a time when I was the only one going after these cards so I didn't expect it to come close to even $10.  This time when it came up, I was expecting a huge fight as with the crap that Topps et al have put out, people have been looking to older sets to collect.  Not that all products have been bad but some people will not collect Upper Decks College stuff.  Topps put out 10 products that all looked the same, and Panini hasn't produced anything compelling like Masterpieces.  Also, around christmas time you may recall that I lost out on a blue /150 for $23.  Anyway, $7.65 shipped.

FTR, I am down to 3 Tyree/Manning and 5 Barry Sanders

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Kev2380 said...

Good luck with this I'm trying to just complete the base set and it's pretty tough. I only need a few of the timewarps and Mcfadden.