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Sunday, April 24, 2011

That's some sweet collation Upper Deck

Find it here.

Some analysis.  Obviously there is an issue here but on the good side, this case at least had 1 patch in it where as my Early Doucet case had none.  I have run across a few cases like this in the last few months.

First, I saw all the Montana parallels.  They showed up on ebay a couple weeks ago.  Moses got a box with a bunch of Hester /50 Metallics and the same seller of the Montanas had a 5 of the same.  I now have 10-12 of those things.  Another case was a Hornung/Peyton Manning case.  Additonally, no less than 6 brown /99 Jamaal Charles' showed up from the same seller.

These seem to be localized at DA Cardworld which would make sense. 

Up until a few weeks ago, DA had the cheapest Masterpieces football around.  This leads me to believe that DA but the leftovers from Upper Deck. These leftovers could have been what was unsold or Upper Deck blew the collations, knew it, and then sold them cheap to DA.  Must be why I can't seem to find and Barry Sanders o#5 or Tyree/Manning #3.


Fuji said...

I bought my case from DA. My parallels were collated pretty well... but I did get that beautifully expired redemption card of Joe... which UD says they're still working on.

I just noticed that the case prices of this stuff have went up in the past couple of months... maybe they're starting to run low in this product.

stusigpi said...

I don't think they are starting to run low but it is possible. Part of me thinks they are just raising the price to create some waves in the market. 08 bb has gone up too for some reason, although it is a terrible product for anything more than $30 a box. Even $30 is a bit much Most of the boxes will yield $20 worth of SV, if that, most the time.