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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thomas Fish

is super pissed. For those of you that don't know who Fish is, he is a partner in Blowout Card with Chris Park. Anyway, he called in to Card Corner Club Radio tonight after Chris Carlin from Upper Deck was on. I really can't do justice to Fish's glorious rant. So listen for yourself. It's the Chris Carlin Tom Fish episode from 4/15/11,  By the way, I agree with him.

On another note, you may have noticed that I haven't gotten review boxes from Panini in a while. They were none to happy with my speaking out against their price fixing anti consumer shenanigans.  That's what I get I suppose. 

One more thing. Kudos to Beckett for calling a spade a spade. Let's be honest.  Evolution is a piece of dung.  THey are cheap, flimsy and just dumb.  Oh yeah, they aren't cards neither.  I do expect Panini's to be much better.  They are autod and don't look like a piece of crap toy you would get at the dollar store.  First, Beckett got a review box of 2011 Upper Deck, that surprise surprise happened to have an evolution in it.  These are not 1 per case.  I have heard of 1:3-4 cases.  Dude.  Anyway, the way they are packed out is the mylar looking pack is essentially taped to the bottom of the box.  If you look at the Beckett video, you can see that they started taking the packs out of the box and then quickly closed the lid as to try and shield the evolution from the camera.  Additionally, the Beckett guys are card guys. You better believe that they were examining that box to see if they could tell.  They knew it was in there.  For Upper Deck to say that they sent them a random box is just too hard to swallow.

Anyway, the evolution was DOA so there is a second part to the video where Beckett charged the thing and then gave their opinion of the thing.  They thought it was a steaming pile to the chest too, but said it more nicely than that.  Funny thing is that @scoobycub on twitter, an UD employee, was pissed.  There was quite the Twitter exchange.  BTW, if you are looking to follow daily comments on the industry, I strongly recommend you join the twitter and follow us basement dwellers. I think UD was a little surprised, as was I, that they got an honest response.  God forbid

Funny thing about evolution is that Chris Carlin Yammers on and on about value and how much they sell for.  He was citing initial sales on ebay and should pay more attention to recent sales.  Enjoy that $28 for the Patrick Willis.

And on a final note.  Press Pass emailed me on Twitter, there is a private message feature, and asked me why I don't like their cards. 

Here's What I said:

Hi Jeff, just curious what it is about PP cards you don't like?

You're racing products are fantastic, but I do not like draft products or the mugshot effect that your cards have due to license issues I don't collect bowma baseball, UD Draft, anything like that. They Remington (damn autocorrect) me of the late 80's impel sets.

That is all.

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Offy said...

Even the hosts called Carlin out on some of the company lines that he spewed forth when they were recapping at the end of the show. He fed me a lot of those same lines when I spoke with him on the phones. Stuff about how they are trying to preserve the value of the cards and stuff like that (and it took me all of my self control not to mention them going back to the presses on Griffey rookies and first year French Canadian hockey).

I still don't see the big deal about these video cards when Hallmark beat them to the punch with the technology. It's not really anything special.

I have to say that I love that Beckett box break. If they keep these guys around and keep the boxes away from the shills, they might become watchable again.