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Friday, May 6, 2011

2007 Masterpieces Cases 9 and 10

Here are the 1/1's. If you recall I pulled the blue Nixon 1/1 out of my last case. I also pulled two 1/1 Ichiros out of my cases. The odds are beyond comprehension to do so randomly, thus the collation gremlins have struck. Although not a high dollar card per se, this picture does no justice to the Delgado, it is quite possibly one of the most striking cards I have ever seen in person. Even more so than the Iconic Pee Wee Reese Bowman. You may laugh, but I am serious


Want to hear something awesome? The Nixon and Biggio were in the same pack, 7th to last pack, in the last box.

I got 3 expired redemptions of note. Cal Ripken Topper, Jeter Topper and Jeter Strokes of Genius. Ouch Upper Deck, ouch. People would ask why I am upset about this knowing there are expired redemptions? Try pulling $1k of expired redemptions and see how you feel. UD has these in stock but won't give them to me. The reson why I am really upset is because in 10 cases I have pulled 3 expired griffey toppers, 3 expired Jeter toppers, 1 Ripken Expired Topper and 1 Jeter Strokes of Genius. That means that Upper Deck put out a severly half baked product. To be fair, I pulled two hard signed toppers out of these cases. Another Jared Weaver and another Andy Laroche.

The "good" autos. Man that Brooks is Nice.

The Shitty autos from just these 2 cases:

The shitty autos from the last 3 cases and Upper Deck wonders why this product struggled:

and I had a few more that I didn't include in the pic. The sad thing is that every once in a while you will pull a redemption for Perkins, Baker, and Owings. To the argument that not every auto can be a winner. Remember, this was a $80 - $100 msrp box.

Separate post will have the parallels. Two more cases tomorrow.

crap autos are $4 dlvd $3 additional in a PWE toploader blank teambag.
Brooks Robinson $60
Make offers on others


Offy said...

I remember attending a card show back in 2007 and looking at a box of this and a box of Ginter. They were both selling for around the same price, but you got about 5 times as many cards in the Ginter box. Sure, there was no guaranteed auto in Ginter, but as you illustrate, that wasn't necessarily a great thing about Masterpieces.

Masterpieces is a beautiful set and will always be one of my favorites, but it seems like it was just too expensive to produce. Ginter is still around and thriving while Masterpieces only existed for a couple of years.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Hey JD, I'd like that Verlander if it's for trade. Or, just hit me with an amount and I will fire off a PayPal. Thanks.
Larry the smg

night owl said...

I'll take one of the 43 Andy LaRoche autos off your hands, even though I highly question your sobriety with that Delgado-53 Bowman Pee Wee statement.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to trade for one of the Perkins autos, sh!tty or not.

larsonmorgan AT sbcglobal D O T net

Matt F. said...

I would be interested in the other Perkins auto...what would you be asking?