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Monday, May 2, 2011

Buying from the Blog

I have sold quite a few cards to people from my masterpieces case breaks through Ye Olde Bloggin.  I just wanted to note to everyone that single cards are shipped PWE, with toploader, team bag and a blank for stiffness.  If you buy a set or multiple cards I ship those in the appropriate container. Why the PWE route?  Simple.  On a single card that sells for a few dollars shipping costs become a large part of the sale price.  For example.  If I sell you a card for say $3 shipped, if I went the bubble mailer route...$1.78+ would go to shipping.

Coincidently, I have found that the trusty PWE with the toploader, team bag and blank holds up pretty well.  I also tape the team bag to the envelope.  The other reason I do this is time.  Getting to the post office to mail packages is quite difficult these days as my time is scarce.  It may not seem like it because of the tweeting and blogging I do, but the trip to the post office is an hour tour on most occasions.

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Derek said...

I've never had any problems with the PWE's