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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Case Break that isn't Masterpieces

On Wednesday I will be getting my case of 09 Philadelphia Football from Da Cardworld. No I didn't cheat on Atlanta Sports Cards, Josh doesn't have anymore. Anyway, 14 boxes. What are my chances of yanking a Stafford auto mini AND and Oher auto Mini. Why I will tell you. 23 cards in the set, assuming 2 per case. 1:23 to pull a particular card 1:529 cases would have this combination..roughly. There are some really low numbered veteran chicle autos that I didn't count and a couple of the minis are numbered out of less than 100 which would affect the odds. Of course if I get 4 out of a case like we did out of this group break, my odds are 1:264. 

Anyway, I ain't counting on it. I need about 60 chicle minis for the set..There are about 64 in a case. I need about 50 sp's 301-400 and 70 sp's 201-300. The 301-400 fall twice as often as the 201-300.

So the same rules apply, when done busting I am going to sell the base sets, any sp's, autos, jersey toppers, Chicles, buybacks etc. BTW here are the rest of my Masterpieces auctions.


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the sewingmachineguy said...

That! Is a fantastic set. Good luck.