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Sunday, May 22, 2011

From the Joe Collector Archives - 2007 Topps TX Pro Bowl Jerseys and Patches

I've recounted my collecting of "event" themed cards. All Stars, pro bowls etc. When Topps TX came out, it was a hit a minute product. Every pack had a hit. Prices have swung wildly for this product from day 1. These sit at $143 at Da Card World, but have been as low as $80. I remember because I almost, almost pulled the trigger on a case. I have no idea what the hell could have caused the increase in price. Be prepared to get about $30 worth of return as the singles market is terrible and it is a sticker auto product. Even the dual patches bring crap. Speaking of increased prices, some of the 06-09 products have shot up and there has been a significant decrease in singles showing up on ebay.  I've been told there is no connection.  My common sense tells me otherwise.

Anyway, I started buying these at $2 for Jerseys and not more than $10 for the /49 patches. Topps obviously made a bunch of this stuff as the probowl jerseys are /249. Anyway, some of the patches are player worn, some are game worn. The language around the swatch tells you which one it is..

Jerseys /249

Patches /49


the sewingmachineguy said...

Cool. I like sets like this.

I'm Your Average Card Collector said...

Nice set.

Fuji said...

I remember when boxes of this stuff was going for less than $100... I considered picking some up... mainly for their SB Ticket autographs. Had these been on-card... it could have been one of my favorite autograph sets.