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Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's my blog, I'll post what I like

Besides my auctions ending tomorrow, and one Verlander Auto tonight.  I came across something interesting in my collection.  In finally putting the 300 parallels I have accumulated over the last month, I noticed the following:

Althought the pic doesn't show it too well or at all, those Hester's are serial numbered 1-9/50. You see Retro Set Addict pulled 4 and another guy on ebay pulled the other 5. Due to some collation issues with Masterpieces, the parallels were not distributed very well. Hence my Early Doucett issues and my inability to track down a few other cards. Joe Montana was subject to the shenanigans as well. It happens.

I also won this auction today. Peyton Manning 1-3/199


G_Moses said...

Nice. Crazy though, you wouldn't think that with the collation issues that one person could end up with that many consecutive numbers. It definetely sets your collection apart from the typical master set.

stusigpi said...

Even with the number of cards I have from 07 or from other 08 fb parallel sets I don't have many runs like that. For example, in 2008 FB I have 5 Dustin Keller /25, they are nowhere close to being a run. Also with the 7 /50 Carlton Fisk 07 Rusted it's the same thing.

I think my collection will be really cool when I get done...although I will never really stop collecting these.