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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The (R)evolution is Failing

I still say these are not cards and not worth the time.  They have little if any value to me and apparently to other people.  AP selling for $8-$60 and the other 3 somewhere in between. In all fairness, shipping was $10 on the $8 card. See the list here.

I still say this,  this and this were shill buys, note the end time on all of them......possibly by Upper Deck.  Nothing is to low for them if you really think about it, especially considering they put their balls on the block for these cards.  In fact, Upper Deck got so mad at Beckett for an honest review that I would be surprised if they continue to get review boxes.  Of course Panini isn't above stopping the review boxes if you speak out against them...just sayin.

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