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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Cassarole of Non-sense

I just don't know what to say about this card:
The seller wants $3200 for it and has a load of awesome Rivers RC's.  This screams fake to me, but I really have no idea.  If it is real it looks terrible.

On another note I posted about these fake ass Masterpieces "redemption replacement" cards being sold by the usual suspects theakronhammer and goodbyoldfriend.  Up to their old shenanigans.  I sent an email to a guy that was selling a Dice K:

Here is the exchange:
Dear georgiabulldogforlife,
You do know this is a fake right? These cards were never made. The forger's story is that these were redemption replacements from UD. It's not true. Just thought you should know.

- iamjoecollector
Dear iamjoecollector,

Wow. Thats quite a revelation/ allegation/ discovery. Do you have proof of what you're stating ? Do you have the name and phone number of someone at Upper Deck i can verify this with, or something from Upper Deck in writing stating that these cards/ this card was never made ? Seen many of these online. From numerous different sellers. Somewhat hard to believe someone got ahold of blank Upper Deck Autograph Stickers, forged the autographs, forged the numbering, and is selling these cards with no problems/ no contact from Upper Deck whatsoever ? Ebay is not stopping the auctions, Upper Deck is not stopping the auctions, something doesn't add up as far as what you're saying.
- georgiabulldogforlife
Dear georgiabulldogforlife,

The card has no authentication language on the back. All UD memorabilia and auto cards have the language.

This scam is run as follows: a junk auto card is used as the donor for the sticker. The sticker is cleaned off using a solvent. The sticker is then removed rom the donor card and placed on the new card with the fake sig. The same scam is done with peyton manning, montana, griffey, and there is even a lincecum up as I write this.

This is an old scam and there are a few people that run it. The hand numbering is done by the scammer. The sellers include goodbyeoldfriend, theakronhammer et al.

Please contact upper deck to verify the card is not real. There (sic) 800 number is on there (sic) web page. They are currently moving headquarters at the moment so I suggest you wait until next week.

Frankly it doesn't matter to me whether you believe me or not just doing a pubic service.

- iamjoecollector

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