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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wait...What? Part IV


Here's the tracking number for the first/last package

This was originally another 660 box with some nice patches, a couple PSA 9/10 Rookies and a bunch of number inserts/rookies. Because of my mistake of putting the wrong zip code on the box, I added a bunch more inserts/sp's/rookies hoping to make up for my mistake. This was supposed to be the first box to get to you with a bunch of stuff we hadn't talked about, almost like a Thank You. We see how well that worked for me...

I suppose I am still confused. We are still going to be 1000-1500 cards less than what we talked about. Additionally, I still have thousands of cards that are .01-.05 cards,...if that, base cards and quite a few damaged cards. Did I miss something in this deal?



Thorzul said...

This is entertaining, although I do feel a little bad that I'm enjoying this at your expense.

Does it feel like you're interacting with a child? Because I am reminded a bit of the times when I catch one of my students in a lie. Dude is backpedaling like a third grader.

stusigpi said...

it's quite odd actually. I'm trying to make sure that everything I do in this situation is above board. I don't know what difference one box is going to make.

dogfacedgremlin said...

In this box is a GEM MINT 10 Todd Van Poppel rookie. Clearly making the whole deal worth it.