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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Masterpieces 1/1's

So sue me.  This is for Archival purposes only:

I have gotten many requests for differentiating the 2007 Masterpieces 1 of 1's 1/1

First the Jerseys:
There may be a Black 1/1 too.
The Auto:

The Green 1/1 is in the middle.

Now the Parallels:

Ionised on the Left, Urban Gray on the Right.  There is little sparkle to the urban gray.
Here is the same Jason Bay with different light

Here is a David Ortiz I have in my possession

The Red Linen and Bronze Ore designations are correct, the one on the left may be Ionised as the Pic looks to be too sparkly and bright to be the Urban Gray.

The Red Linen and Persian Blue are Correct.  In fact, this guy bought the Red Linen from me.  The "Artist Proof" is incorrectly designated by BGS.  I believe this card to be "urban gray" but I just can't tell because the colors are off. See the Jason Bay above. Beckett seems to think that Ionized is an /50.  It's not.

Celestial Blue

These are being presented as Celestial Blue and as you can see from the link below, the color does not match up at all.  In person, the Persian Blue cards are much darker.  Although the following link makes me think these might be Persian blue rather than Celestial.

I can't find a sample of Celestial blue that is anything like any of these:
Here are the paper samples:
Rusted Green Metallic


Blue Steel

Urban Gray

Bronze ORe

Hades:: Very Dark often referred to has Charcoal


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sorry, We're Closed

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Greatest Packing Material of All Time! - Atlanta Braves - Phillies Edition

So other than apparently stealing an undisclosed number of Ginter Minis because I am going to build a new life around them, I have bought literally thousands of 2006-2010 of all flavors. In fact I need to stop but it is difficult for a collector such as myself when I see them go cheap. Well today I got in about 222 that I paid well less than $100 for. In fact I paid $44.87 shipped or .20 cents each. There were 08 sharks and other inserts but mainly base minis. Well today they got here. The seller did a swell job packing them. I put big stacks in penny sleeves and then put them in plastic boxes and then into an 800 count box. He also wrapped them in these:
August 23rd, 1982.  Chances are I saw that game on WTBS.  I'm really ticked the Braves are no longer on every day.
Here is the box score:
Monday, August 23, 1982
, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
Attendance: 16,224, Time of Game: 2:14
 Lost 1 
2nd, 3 GB
 Won 5 

W: Rick Camp (9-7)
L: Ron Reed (3-4)

1  2  3   4  5  6   7  8  9    R  H  E
                -  -  -   -  -  -   -  -  -    -  -  -
Phillies        0  0  0   0  0  1   0  2  0    3  9  0
Braves          0  0  0   2  0  1   0  0  1    4  8  0
Winning Run scored with 1 out

Philadelphia Phillies

Glossary  · SHARE  · CSV  · PRE  · LINK  · More Tools
Pete Rose 1B411010.283.701-0.0111.570.064-0.074-0.1150IW
Manny Trillo 2B513000.267.6280.0171.710.143-0.1260.415
Gary Matthews LF412200.285.7950.2581.570.331-0.0731.420HR
Mike Schmidt 3B200111.2951.001-0.0111.480.049-0.059-0.105SF
Bo Diaz C400000.290.809-0.1361.360.000-0.136-0.932
Garry Maddox CF401000.287.760-0.0501.090.044-0.094-0.130SB
George Vukovich RF401000.284.763-0.0041.400.082-0.086-0.300
Ivan de Jesus SS301000.235.603-0.0561.490.019-0.074-0.515SH
Mike Krukow P200000.172.362-0.0360.720.000-0.036-0.300
   Willie Montanez PH100001.257.602-0.0321.130.000-0.032-0.2
   Ed Farmer P000000.000.0000.0000.000.0000.0000.000
   Greg Gross PH100000.277.667-0.0913.260.000-0.091-0.3
   Ron Reed P000000.222.6060.0000.000.0000.0000.000
Team Totals3439322.265.650-0.1521.460.732-0.881-1.22517
HR: G Matthews (18, off R Camp; 8th inn, 1 on, 1 out).
SF: M Schmidt (6, off R Camp).
SH: I de Jesus (10, off R Camp).
IBB: P Rose (8, by R Camp).
TB: G Matthews 5; M Trillo 3; I de Jesus; G Maddox; P Rose; G Vukovich.
RBI: G Matthews 2 (71); M Schmidt (67).
Team LOB: 8.
With RISP: 0 for 5.
SB: G Maddox (6, 2nd base off R Camp/M Sinatro).

Atlanta Braves

Glossary  · SHARE  · CSV  · PRE  · LINK  · More Tools
Jerry Royster LF411000.261.677-0.0301.000.043-0.073-0.250
Rafael Ramirez SS200010.261.645-0.0871.160.031-0.118-0.713CS,SH
Claudell Washington RF422000.259.7230.0640.920.099-0.0350.720SB
Dale Murphy CF401102.290.8980.0031.660.113-0.1100.230
Bob Horner 3B302200.270.8520.1661.340.182-0.0161.104SF
   Brett Butler PR010000.217.5170.0000.000.0000.0000.0
Chris Chambliss 1B402100.271.7760.3641.080.388-0.024-0.11112B
Glenn Hubbard 2B300000.267.719-0.0670.850.000-0.067-0.935
Matt Sinatro C300000.160.392-0.0380.510.000-0.038-0.520
Rick Camp P300001.000.000-0.0260.350.000-0.026-0.301
Team Totals3048413.267.5810.3491.020.856-0.507-0.72714
2B: C Chambliss (17, off R Reed).
SF: B Horner (3, off M Krukow).
SH: R Ramirez (11, off M Krukow).
TB: C Chambliss 3; B Horner 2; C Washington 2; D Murphy; J Royster.
RBI: B Horner 2 (75); D Murphy (89); C Chambliss (64).
2-out RBI: B Horner.
Team LOB: 4.
With RISP: 3 for 5.
SB: C Washington (20, 2nd base off M Krukow/B Diaz).
CS: R Ramirez (10, 2nd base by M Krukow/B Diaz).

Philadelphia Phillies

Glossary  · SHARE  · CSV  · PRE  · LINK  · More Tools
Mike Krukow6 6331202.832449-0.1050.92-0.2
Ed Farmer2 0000105.376000.1250.830.9
Ron Reed, L (3-4)0.12110003.13300-0.3692.29-0.0
Team Totals8.18441304.32334900-0.3491.460.7

Atlanta Braves

Glossary  · SHARE  · CSV  · PRE  · LINK  · More Tools
Rick Camp, W (9-7)9 9332213.6038570.1511.461.2
Team Totals9 9332213.0038570.1511.021.2
Balks: None.
WP: None.
HBP: None.
IBB: R Camp (7; P Rose).
Pickoffs: None.

Other Info

Umpires: HP - Joe West, 1B - Bill Williams, 2B - John McSherry, 3B - Dutch Rennert.
Time of Game: 2:14.
Attendance: 16,224.
Field Condition: Unknown.
Start Time Weather: Unknown.

The value of the relic, set builders, and the rarity of the scrub

This post was inspired by a twitter post:

Project1962: I wish @toppscards would show us the cost breakdown of a set and ask us if we thought it was worth including some of the "hits" or not.

Project1962 gritz76
If pulling Ronny Paulino type autos and relics ups the price per pack significantly, I could do without them!

@Project1962 @toppscards I agree with you but people want their hit count at all cost and then complain about junk autos/relics.

Project1962 gritz76
@iamjoecollector But do you think if people knew they were paying a higher price because of the junk hits, they would still want them?

Bear with me on this one. Ok, this post is going to look at things from two perspectives: Present and Future. Not sure how I am going to get there but I will.

First, I don't care what anyone says, there are too many products out there right now. I'm not going to list them off but good grief. It's not as bad as it was three years ago, but it's close.

Why does too many products matter? It matters because it leads to collector fatigue. Collectors like to collect. They want to complete whatever collecting goals they have. When that becomes overwhelming or impossible because of the amount there is to collect, they become discouraged and sometimes give up. I have been suffering from this for a while. Let me ask you this, how much junk wax do we have from the last 10 years? In my opinion, lots, not in price mind you, but in quality. I look at some fo those products and have no inclination to bust it. It is, in essence, valueless too me. The reasons for that are varied and I may cover that in a future post.

Now we are to a point where a product comes out and 3-6 weeks later the masses are done with the product. Remember Heritage?

The other issue we have is that sets are imposssible to collect. I am thousands and thousands of dollars into my masterpieces quest and am still no where close to being done. I'm peddling as fast as I can, but alas no luck. Many of the cards I am looking for are commons, while some are clearly not. Two people are currently holding some Ripkens hostage from me. I'm like really? I am way away from freak out mode on 2007. What do I mean by that? I mean I am not close to paying any price for a card. Maybe except for my 08 greens /75.

Let's delve into this a bit more. In 2008 Masterpieces there are 120 cards in the set. The brown set is /100 and fall at 5 per hobby case. Thus, 24 cases to complete a set if you didn't pull one double. This is absolutely insane. The /75 are 3 per case so 40 cases to complete a set. This makes no sense from a collector's perspective.

Now that I have geeked out about Masterpieces, let me put this into ginter terms. The black mini set. There are 50 sp's and my understanding is that they fall 2 per case, yup 25 cases for a set. The base minis aren't much better. You get about 8 per box these days with all of the inserts and such. Do the math 350/8 = 44 boxes to make a set if you pull no doubles. That is ridiculous. The reason I used these examples is because I know the odds and rates and junk.

So at this point we have too many products and impossible to complete sets. So where does this leave us. That puts us at a sea of uncollectible products that few people give a rats ass about. People just tend to chase whatever they chase with no rhyme or reason.

Now the second part of the question. Isn't the fact that no one cared about cards, comics, etc the reason why the vintage stuff is worth a lot? To a certain degree yes. Lest we not forget that dealers were in business in the 50's and 60's. These guys were selling thousands and thousands of sets so the cards from those years really aren't that rare. Check ebay, as I always say. I think the reason why vintage is worth a lot is because each card is the only game in town. The 68 Topps Ryan is still and will always be the 68 Topps Ryan.

The same goes for set collecting. If you want the 1972 Topps set, the only set going, you have to collect the high numbers as well. Commons cost an arm and a leg and can be a little tough to find but not to tough. I won't talk about the explosion of production numbers in the late 70's and 80's that leads to depressed card prices.

So what's my point? My point is that things become collectible by age and nature, but with all the current crap out there prices will be depressed for a while. You can't bust a box and expect you will get 50% of your money out of it. That is a problem. Combine that with the new product every week and more an more products become dollar store generic in the eyes of collectors. Any Panini Epix set collectors out there?

Now, what happens when you have stand out products like Heritage and Ginter? Can they survive and thrive in light of my ramblings above? Maybe. Currently I am able to buy lots of ginter minis for .20-.30 each and as low as .10 each. It's certainly not easy to build a set at 1 per pack. See above. The problem is that demand is diluted because collectors constantly chase the latest and greatest. You simply don't have the time it takes to actually collect a set.

Consider 2006 and 2007 Ginter. Minis run .40 each sometimes more or less depending on the day. I just picked up a lot of 125 07's for $26 shipped....yeah. Now you know why I have balked at some of your offers to sell. Anyway, boxes run $100-$150 a box (no sales lately) or $4-$6 a pack...the base have no value and the relics and autos are hit and mostly miss. If you happen to pull a rip card you might be in business. Anyway, even ginter seems to be lost in the wash.

Now on to Heritage and my shot at answering the above question. Would deleting scrub autos and relics cut the price of the boxes. Heritage costs a fortune when it is released, $60-$80, a box. The hit ratio is often 1 relic per box and maybe an auto sprinkled throughout. The price of the box seems unaffected. Basically demand sets the price, same with ginter.

Now with base topps, the affect is greater. An auto per box...That has to be a $10 cost, at least in the box at wholesale. Demand will always be there for base to a degree and personally, I don't think the guaranteed auto helps anything regarding sales in base. In other products it does....Panini for sure, but Topps sells on its own merits. If that makes any sense. My own view is that Heritage and Ginter could cut their hit rate down to 25-50% and still sell. Volume could be increased because sales would increase because price could be decreased $10 a box at retail.

The other issue is that each pack should have 3 minis in it. 1 base, 1 insert and 1 either base/black/ag back with blacks falling 1 in 5 and Ag 2 in 5 and base 2 in 5. Or each pack has 2 minis with 1 base and either 1 insert/base/black or ginter back. Goodwin in 2009 had 2 minis in some packs.

If you have followed me this far, follow me a bit farther. Whereas when I am building a /100 masterpieces set I know that Eric Chavez is just as hard to find as Griffey. In fact sometimes moreso because people don't bother to list the commons. When building a relic or auto set the theory could be the same, but the problem is that there are eleventy billion scrubs to 1 star. Plus the scrubs don't have player collectors chasing them as often. See my point?

The scrub autos are overproduced junk. Contrast with what Upper Deck does with SPA football rookie autos or Panini with contenders rookie ticket autos in some cases. Some of the scrubs are /50 or /99 or less so people pay more for them. Thus long term the overproduced scrub autos are not going to reach any type of value even to set collectors. Much like 82 fleer, but the John Littlefield Rev Neg is still a somewhat valuable cards. So from a long term perspective, cutting relic and auto hit rates would help long term value. Billy Ripken White out anyone? Until then we are stuck with worthless overproduced relics and autos. You know that Tim Tebow Topps/panini auto you have? It was one of 20,000 made across product lines last year.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keep on Douchin'

So the sad saga of my attempt to buy a large collection and sell it has come to a conclusion....I think.  Here is the email chain:

On Jul 11, 2011 3:35 PM, joe monge wrote:

Hey Jeff,

I finally got around to resorting everything & getting it all put away and noticed that none of the Allen & Ginter SP's or Mini's are here. I double checked all 30 boxes, but they are just not here.

Just wanted to touch base with you & see what you wanted to do about them.


On Mon, 7/11/11, Jeff Dover wrote:

From: Jeff Dover
Subject: Re: Fw:
To: "joe monge"
Date: Monday, July 11, 2011, 6:54 PM

All of them are there. In fact I put the mini blacks in penny sleeves as well as the nno's, snake, and various others. I don't even recall how many minis were there, but I assure you they were put back in.

The sps were probably scattered throughout I don't have any use for the ginter sp's as the only set I've built has been the 08 and I did that from the case I busted a couple years back. I took out all of the dividers you had just to make everything fit.

I kept every one of those cards separate from my own.

On Mon, 7/11/11, joe monge wrote:

From: joe monge
Subject: Re: Fw:
To: "Jeff Dover"
Date: Monday, July 11, 2011, 8:05 PM

upon further review....

I did find all the black bordered Ginter mini's, but none of the 2006 or 2007 regular/ad backs mini's, none of the 2007 Countries or Emperors and no mini's or SP's at all from 2010. They simply are not here. Also, I have gone through EVERY box twice now, and I cannot find the blue & copper Mantle refractors that I am pretty sure you had up for auction on Ebay.

That's easily a few hundred dollars worth of cards that are unaccounted for. Could you please do a double check that they are sitting off to the side somewhere?
From: Jeff Dover
Subject: Re: Fw:
To: "joe monge"
Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 12:08 AM


I don't know what to tell you. I don't have any of the cards you sent me. I packed them up into that box. As you can tell, the boxes were all there but one small one I couldn't fit in. That is why the graded cards were in a bag. I took out all of the dividers as I said, so the cards would all fit. I had a gold and blue Mantle refractor listed but those were put back in with everything else. I have no reason to keep any of the cards as they aren't anything I collect. Frankly, I don't know what to think about this situation. You weren't really on the up and up with this deal so I have a hard time with this revelation a few days later that you are now missing cards. You received them a few days ago.

Regardless, I am done with this situation. I feel like you attempted to take advantage of me to begin with and I get that same feeling now. If you weren't/aren't that's fine it doesn't make a difference. It's a lesson learned for me. Good luck.


On Jul 12, 2011 11:09 AM, joe monge wrote:

It's taken several days for me to go through them because I've had to work 60+ hours a week to be able to pay for a divorce, bills, etc on top of trying to be a father. Messing around with baseball cards was the last thing on my mind because I assumed that everything would actually be returned to me.

And I know you really dont give a damn about my problems. People like you rarely do, people who have money to burn and feel like they can take advantage of the little guys like me and bully us around. People like you who complain when the deal they make doesn't pan out to be everything they thought it would so they want their money back.

I hope you enjoy my cards that you kept. I hope you think about the food you took out of my daughters mouth every time you open a box of Masterpieces. I hope that every case you open makes you think about how hard I have to work to pay my bills because you feel that YOU got screwed. Your arrogance that you've made no mistakes in this interaction is insulting.


That's cool.  If righteous outrage and a weak ass guilt trip makes you feel better then so be it.  You knew you were sending me thousands of worthless cards and your lie about a box you put the wrong zip on...come on man.  Why did you think all those base bowman prospects would fly? 60 jamarcus russell heritage base?

I suppose you are one of those people that blames "the rich" for your problems.  You tried to hustle me that is why you wanted a cashier's check...no recourse.  Btw, I'm not rich.

I didn't keep your cards.  Ginter sp's...what $5 worth of cards?  The minis? I dont remember how many you sent. So 2 mantles, some ginter minis and some ginter sp's?  I've got some change in my cup holder that should cover that.

 Shit I've bought $1000 worth of minis in the last month at .20 each. Some more some less. Jesus joe, I bet there isn't even $1500 worth of cards there.  I spent $100 shipping that crap back to you and didn't bitch at all. I debated even wasting that but I promised I'd send them back so I did.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

This weeks hauls

The Clemente and Morneau I pulled from that retail case I busted.  They are both /10.  The Clemente sold for $75 and the Morneau for $31.
These I got I got through ebay and through a reader:

The Dorsey is /50 and came from reader JD.  I needed it for my set so I am pretty stoked.  The Favre is Burgundy /25 and set me back almost $25.  Funny story about the arod /50.  There has been one on Sportsbuy for a while now for $20.  I finally signed up for an account so I can make offers.  Anyway, I didn't want to pay that for it so when one showed up on ebay I was thinking I might get it for $15 shipped.  No luck.  The other set collector that live 2 hours away from me scooped it up for $26 plus shipping.  I then made an offer on this one and got it for $17. I'm kind of getting to manic state on these cards because I am so close to the sets.  I need 27 burgundy /25 and 26 of the blue baseball /50 with Joba and Mattingly on the way.  Getting this close you tend to pay more than you normally would especially for the stars.  Though I just got a Matt Ryan Blue /50 for $7.50 shipped when two in the past couple of months have gone for nearly $20.  Also, the commons are still pretty cheap.  I normally get those for $5 ish shipped. 

I am headed to Vegas the first weekend of August but toward the end of the month I am going to do 5 or 6 07 Masterpieces cases to end the 07's once and for all.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wantlist 7/9/11

This will continue to be updated for your collecting pleasure. 115 of 2571 to go. (95.53%)
Jersey Set: Complete

Patch Set Complete x3


Red /199

Blue /150

Brown /99
Need 56
Green /75 need 2
of 105
3 - David Tyree
5 - Barry Sanders

Light Blue /50 need 17

Green Metallic /50 need 13

Burgundy /25 24

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Color Parallel Want list
Checklist SP checklist



Blue /125

Brown /100
Need 22
Green /75 118 of 120
67 - Eric Chavez
81 - IChiro

Blue /50 need 20

2007 Masterpieces Baseball
Green Linen

Green Windsor

37 for all 7
Serious Black /99 need 2 (1)

Black Linen /99 need 3(2)

Blue Linen /75 need 3
2 (incoming),10,42

Pinot /75 need 4 (2)

Hades /50 5

Blue Steel /50 9

Rusted /50 11

2009 Ginter A and G backs

2009 Mayo Wantlists:
4,13,27,28,41,46,47,57,58,,66,67,69,72,73,77,78,79,80,81,83,84,86,87,89,91,94,97,101,102,111,117,123,129,132,133,134,143,147,149,158,163,165,168,169,171,,178,179,182,184,186,191,192,193,198,203,208,211,212,216,218,237,238,241,249,258,262,268,269,272,276-299 x 293,292291290287283,308,320,321,324,330

Saturday odds and ends

A very important milestone today.  Of Course, Jeter got 3000 on a homer.  He went 5-5 on the day in a show of true greatness.  It does make me a bit sad I suppose because I know Jeter only has a couple years left.  The same feeling when The Unit, Griffey, Gwynn, Ripken all retired.  It's not the goal but the Journey and that journey is coming to an end.  I've always thought "For Love of the Game" embodied this the best.

Speaking of the Journey, I am slowly winding my way toward my goal of completing my masterpieces sets.  As you may know, I have been 2 away of the 2008 Masterpieces Green /75 Baseball and Football sets for some time  I'm 28 away from the Blue /50 Baseball set and in the teens for the Football /50 sets.  Slowly but surely.  Wax prices have sky rocketed some I am a bit stuck with waiting for singles to show

As for the 07's, I am well below 50 for all of the /50 and above sets.  There are 630 total cards in all 7 sets, thus I am over 92% there.  It has been an extremely expensive endeavor and I will be glad to finish, but after such a monumental task, I 'm not really sure where to go next.

In this sentimental post which was inspired by an auction email I got there are 3 other things, ok maybe 4 I want to cover.

First, this Gehrig Jersey:
It's from the 1934 Tour of Japan.  I really hope that a card company DOES NOT get its mitts on this and cut it up.  Such a shame when this happens to an historical piece like this.

We would have played for Nothing:

Worth a read.  Yup, still rather have the plain old cardboard basecards than the UV coated, foil stamped, super glossy, full bleed crap we have today.

Although Mantle was great, haven't we ridden this train enough times.  There are so many Mantle books out in addition to Topps putting him in every set from now til eternity that I am a bit sick of this.  Now sets have more retired players in them than current players....it seems.  I know thats not true and it might seem a bit ironic because I collect masterpieces, but I do get sick of the retired players being in every set.  Not just a few mind you.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The latest from Takashimurakami

Oh this is rich:

You're a real gentleman. You sure know how to treat an innocent lady. I bought this card in a $3000+ autograph/game used deal, do you honestly think i somehow created this card and thats whats going on here ? I made up a 2/4 Favre auto ? You've now ruined my ebay account and slandered and cursed me up and down over a stupid card. You've made we want to totally get out of cards altogether. All i wanted was to be left alone, if UD or eBay had a problem with this card, i would have thought they would take it down. I got lots of different emails about the card, and just because you sent an email saying it was fake, i was'nt going to simply remove the listing. I think maybe reassess this entire situation. You've given me no benefit of the doubt. I buy and sell tons of cards at shows locally in Maryland. I did nothing wrong here. Now i can't even get my ebay final listing fees back on this item. Thanks alot.

and I respond:

You're welcome. I haven't slandered you at all. Are you still watching me? You tried to talk tough and got smacked down. By the way, you say you bought this card in a huge lot...How would you know that it was a "redemption replacement"? Second, the reason I know you are a scammer is that I have seen your past listings. I have suspected you for awhile. Additionally, you make the fatal scammer mistake, you make your listings private.

BTW, cut the crap with being a woman....I know better. Try picking a pic that is of a less attractive woman. BTW, I'm an expert in criminology.

and "she" responds:

You are a real conspiracy theorist aren't you ? I simply looked at other listings to find out the card is a "redemption replacement". There have been a bunch of these sold in the last couple months. Why all of this insecure tough talk of "smacking down" a woman, and why in the hell would i be a man ? You're a complete psycho. You really need to find better things to do with your time. I am so befuddled by this entire situation i'm going to stick to selling at local shows. If you ever come to Maryland and go to most any bigger show, i'll be set up there, you can meet me and my name is Rachel. Also ask about the asian chick Rachel to any other MD show dealers and they will vouch for me.

Read it and Weep Takashimurakami


You see the thing about me is that I am stubborn and when people give me back talk it just pisses me off.

The Old BuyBack Scam - Goodbyeoldfriend

Take a look at this thread here.

This is the problem.  People that don't do their research before dropping this kind of cash on a card.  $150 isn't  a ton of money, but it is enough incentive for a scammer to do this.

Here is how the buyback scam works:

1. Pick a star card, any star base rookie card.
2. Look at any sample of player's auto.
3. Practice signing a piece of paper.
4. Practice signing on a couple of commons
5. Sign the card
6. Hand Number the card.
7. Create Ebay listing.
8. Collect money from suckers.

Extra Special Bonus Points: Use a run of the mill case and put a silver foil sticker to "seal" it.

Here is my view.  Unless you can verify 100% that the card is legit, don't bid.  Remember, compare to known authentic sigs like the rest of us.  Unless it right on.... Also, anyone can fake these.  Anyone can remove a sticker from a scrub and use it on the card.  Anyone can get a hologram and place it on the card.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Favre Fake Auto Saga continues - Takashimurakami is a Punk Bitch edition

See the Orginial Post: Fakin a Favre

Anyway, I "bought" the card for $188 or so.  Anyway, I sent an email asking 'What's going to happen when I submit this for authentication".

Today I got this email:

Hello. I know that you are iamjoecollector and i know what you're doing/whats going on. I've contacted ebay about this and they will be sending you an email/warning to your masterpieceshoard503 account. They have asked me to send you a mutual agreement to cancel transaction request and hopefully you will simply accept it and move on and don't bother me any further. If you leave negative feedback or continue to harrass me i am to call ebay back with the case number i have and they will remove any negative feedback left, and possibly hit you with another rules violation. You had a problem with my card, this was not the proper way to go about it. I have reported both your blog and twitter account to eBay and they have viewed the public record of you saying you were going to "bid up" and "win" the auction. That was not smart to post all of that on twitter. Accept the transaction cancellation request please, and do not ever bother me or contact me again. I have and will be watching you.

He is going to be "watching" me?  Apparently this dude is going to be sending the Ebay police after me.  Anyway, here is my response:

Dear takashimurakami,

You are a thief and a scammer. I hope they investigate this case. I posted everywhere so people would learn that you are nothing but thieing trash. I'm always curious how you jusitfy your scams to yourself. Do you think it's ok to sell fakes?

and then I followed with this:

Left the negative. Ball is in your court thief.

So if this jackass is reading my blog, I would like to offer you a heartfelt "Fuck You"